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My house was developed less than 2 years ago. The electrician mounted several Craftmade TR-52 ceiling fans with incorporated light kits. On four of the fans (so far) we have actually been can not to obtain the light to work-related after the original bulb burns out. We were maybe to replace the pear in among the fans. A couple others aren"t supplied as much and the bulbs haven"t shed out yet. I tried taking a pear from among the still-working lamp (the pear came through the fan) and putting that in a fan v a burned-out bulb, and also it quiet wouldn"t work. Ns tried placing my brand-new pear in a fan v a still-working bulb, and also it functioned fine. So the doesn"t show up that the bulb is the problem.

By the way, every fan offers a single 75-watt Halogen T4 bulb v mini candelabra base.

I called our lighting company, and also they dubbed the manufacturer. They stated it to be a bad receiving module and also sent united state replacements. That didn"t make sense, yet we tried instead of two and that do no difference. Castle then said they had negative wattage limiters and that we have to remove the wattage limiters. They room willing come pay for an electrician to do that. Ours other choice is that they would provide us replacement fans and remove the wattage limiters in ~ the factory.

Does that also make sense? native my research study of the power Policy action of 2005, the preferably wattage for my lights is 190 watts. Us are method under that. Why would certainly the limiters occupational only till the bulb burns out?

Is there any kind of other reasonable explanation?

Thanks for any assist you can offer me!

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We replaced an old Casablanca ceiling fan with a new one indigenous the very same company. The "down light" has actually never been nearly as bright together the 100 watts detailed in the fan"s specifications. Recently, the light quit working altogether. Casablanca at some point recommended that we replace the "receiver module" which expense $50. The didn"t exactly the problem so I checked out Casablanca"s website and got a schematic wiring diagram. Surprisingly, an electrical aspect they speak to a "NO BYPASS ASSEMBLY" i m sorry is, in fact a VOLTAGE LIMITER i beg your pardon keeps the 100watt lamp in ~ a maximum output of 40watts! This is evidently a mandated component by the federal federal government to mitigate electricity intake ( just like low flow toilets). Ns made a complete of three calls come Casablanca and the problem of this component being a problem was NEVER carried up. Because that our fan, the removed of this component was easy since it"s set up with connectors and also the wires to it have to just be associated directly come the wiring i beg your pardon goes to the downlight. Now, we have actually a true 100watt downlight. Screw Casablanca for no being honest with your customers around what this component really is and also what that does. And screw the federal government for their undesirable involvement.