Florida is a big state when it concerns the ownership and also operation of choose up trucks. According to a study carried out in 2011, Florida ranked 3rd behind California and also Texas for the most pick up trucks in a state. The is common to view a pick up truck in basically evey neighborhood and community specifically in landscape areas. Jacksonville and the surrounding locations have a particulary huge number of choose up trucks together do various other parts the the State. If a pick up truck can be fairly useful, the pick up truck can additionally be fairly dangerous especially when children ride in the earlier of a pick up truck. Because of the risks of passengers occupying the earlier or bed of a pick up truck, the Florida Legislature embraced Section 316.2014 - Florida Statues which gives the following:

316.2015 Unlawful for human being to journey on Exterior of car  It is unlawful for any type of operator that a passenger car to permit any kind of person to ride on the bumper, radiator, fender, hood, top, trunk, or running board of such auto when operated upon any kind of street or highway i beg your pardon is kept by the state, county, or municipality. Any person who violates this subsection shall it is in cited because that a moving violation, punishable as listed in thing 318. No human shall ride on any kind of vehicle ~ above any section thereof not designed or intended for the use of passengers. This paragraph does not apply to an employee of a fire department, an employee that a governmentally operated solid waste handle department or a rubbish disposal company operating pursuant to a contract v a governmental entity, or come a volunteer firefighter when the employee or firefighter is involved in the necessary discharge the a duty, and does not apply to a human being who is gift transported in an answer to one emergency by a public company or pursuant come the direction or authority of a publicly agency. This i does not use to one employee engaged in the essential discharge that a duty or to a human or persons riding within van bodies in space intended because that merchandise. It is unlawful for any kind of operator of a pickup van or flatbed van to permit a minor boy who has actually not attained 18 years of age to ride upon restricted access infrastructure of the state within the open body that a pickup truck or flatbed truck uneven the young is restrained in ~ the open up body in the back of a truck that has been modified to encompass secure seating and also safety restraints to stop the passenger from being thrown, falling, or jumping indigenous the truck. This i does not use in a clinical emergency if the child is accompanied within the van by one adult. A ar is exempt from this i if the governing human body of the county, by majority vote, complying with a i found it public hearing, votes to exempt the ar from this paragraph. Any human being who violates this subsection shall be cited for a nonmoving violation, punishable as provided in thing 318. This ar shall not apply to a performer engaged in a skilled exhibition or human participating in one exhibition or parade, or any such human being preparing to participate in together exhibitions or parades.

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If one owner or driver of a pick up truck enables a human being under the age of 18 come ride in the ago of a choose up truck, the driver have the right to be cited through a violation. Furthermore and an ext importantly, the is just plain dangerous for a driver to enable passengers to occupy the ago of a choose up truck. The course, the responsiblity for safety and security goes beyond the driver. Passengers should also exercise due treatment when speak in any type of vehicle. As such, a passenger also has a duty to act in a safe and also reasonable manner. In Florida, civil situations are administrate by comparative fault. In other words, a instance can be decided by apportioning fault in between parties to recognize the amount and extent of compensation. In situations involving injuries come a child riding in the ago of a choose up truck, it is feasible that a jury can assess part fault to the choose up van driver and some error to the passengers. Furthermore, it should be noted that driver of a choose up truck has actually a duty to drive in a safe and reasonable manner specifically if there are passengers in the earlier or bed of the truck. An additional Florida legislation that bears mention is the principle that a child under the page of 6 years old cannot together a issue of law be held to it is in negligent in any way for his or her actions. With kids ages 6 and older, negligence can be assessed versus the child based on the age, maturity, knowledge, and also actions the the child.

A tragic occurrence was newly reported in the St. Augustine Shores ar in which two kids suffered severe head injuries ~ falling the end of the back of a choose up truck. Each hurt passenger to be transported come UF health for emergency care, treatment, and also evaluation. It was reported by the St. Johns ar Sheriff"s Office the the 2 injured teen passengers were students at Pedro Menendez High School located in St. Augustine (St. Johns County) Florida. You have the right to read an ext about this incident at two High school Students Suffer severe Head Injuries - pick Up van Accident in St. Augustine Shores, Florida.

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