Ferrets have gained huge popularity as pets in the united state for the past couple of years, however, they space illegal in part states, consisting of California.

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So why room ferrets illegal in California? The issue is the owners might release ferrets into the wild or the pets might escape and also then establish colonies in the wild. The sudden expansion of a feral non-native colony could jeopardize crops and other animals.

Here is a comprehensive answer regarding why California bans pets ferrets and also other exotic pets while various other states enable them.


The California department of Fish and Wildlife doesn’t have the resources or staff to strictly enforce its ferret bans. However, if someone educates the department about your ferret, someone might come and take that away. Besides confiscation, you face the following penalties because that possessing a ferret:

A civil fine that $500 come $10,000 The price of removing, storing, and also caring because that the pet A misdemeanor criminal fee punishable by increase to six months in jail A criminal charge including a fine approximately $1,000

Criminal start is very rare. However, fines and confiscation room expensive. In part cases, you additionally need to pay because that the rehabilitation of the ferret so the state can release the or send it come a different facility.

Despite the ban, over there is possibly a method to own some of these pets. The department of Fish and Wildlife can issue a permit for certain types on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, they don’t concern permits for ferrets.

The permits are primarily for pet handlers, researchfacilities, trainers, and shelters. The state may additionally grant specialpermits to zoos and also aquariums to breed restricted species.

So, unless you intend to usage the ferret for research, teaching, or exhibition, the allow doesn’t apply to you.

California enables Some Exotic pets as Pets

California bans ferrets and many various other exotic pets, yet still permits a few. So if you desire something various other than a dog or cat, the following choices are still it s okay in the state:

Hybrid cat Zebras Constrictor snake Ostriches Yaks Alpaca Llamas Pot-bellied pigs Tarantulas Bearded dragon Geckos sphere pythons Miniature farm animals Second-generation wolfdogs

You can not own countless of these species in various other states, yet California enables these pets as pets. Some of the many surprising entries include the miniature farm animals. You deserve to own pygmy goats and miniature horses.

Wolfdogs are an additional example of one exotic pet that is prohibited in numerous states and enabled in California. Wolfdogs space hybrid dogs v wolf ancestry. In California, you have the right to own a wolfdog rated F3 or less. The “F” represents filial and also traces the family tree of the pet.An F3 wolfdog contends least one grandparent the was a wolf.

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You can likewise own most species of flightless birds. Because that example, you have the right to keep an emu or one ostrich in her backyard. In fact, most species of birds room legal in California, except the Quaker parrot (monk parakeet or Quaker parakeet).

You can additionally own mynah birds and even toucans. You just can’t own most birds of food without a license. These restricted birds include falcons, eagles, and also hawks.

However, store in mind that many of the permitted animals require a most maintenance. You require adequate an are and may even need to construct an outdoor melted or barn to home the animals.

Why space sugar gliders also illegal in California?

The state that California worries that street gliders will escape, establish their very own colonies, and disrupt local wildlife, crops, or organic resources. This is the same reason that California bans many types of colony animals, including most rodents.

Do vets should report exotic animals?

Veterinarians can treat any kind of animal and don’t need to report it come the authorities. And also regulations state that no vet has actually a duty to advise regulation enforcement around the pet uneven the animal bites a person.

Why have the right to you still buy commodities for ferrets in California?

Many stores offer sugar ferret products due to the fact that they may offer uses for other pets. People with the vital permits likewise need to attain pet supplies. Additionally, some pet stores are part of nationwide chains that bring most that the very same inventory throughout their various locations.