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It could be tempting to drive down theroad barefoot top top a beautiful California day, yet it is not advised.Some people think it is illegal to perform so, and while that is nottrue, it is true the there are factors not to. Feel free to keepreading to find out how driving barefoot or through flip flops canincrease your chance of being connected in a caraccident. If girlfriend have already been injured in an accident,contact legislation Offices the Fernando D. Vargas in ~ 909-982-0707 for a complimentary consultation.

Bare Feet sell No protection After being in anAccident

Even if not wearing shoes did notincrease your chance of being connected in one accident, it wouldcertainly boost the opportunity that you would experience injury. Forexample, if you space in an accident and also glass breaks, you might haveto walk v the glass without shoes. This can lead come seriouslacerations. Auto parts, spicy objects, and gasoline space allsubstances that can damage her feet ~ an accident.

Injuries can Be do Worse

If you perform not have actually shoes on and yourfeet are involved in the injury, then you can expect those injuriesto be worse. Why? due to the fact that your feet have actually no protection. Just like amotorcyclerider is more likely to it is in seriously injured as result of their absence ofprotection, if you have actually bare feet during an accident, your feet willhave small protection.

It have the right to Be Distracting

If you execute not have shoes on while youare driving, friend could end up being distracted through the uncomfortable feelingof your feet straight on the pedals. This could seem prefer a minorconcern, but remember that around 60% the car crashes involvedistracted driving. If you space constantly looking down at her feetwhile you are driving, then you room not maintaining your eye on the road– and you are thus increasing your possibilities of causing anaccident.

Flip Flops space Not much Better

Once again, the is completely legal todrive with flip flops on, but they deserve to be dangerous as well. They canget stuck on or approximately the pedals or slip turn off while you room driving.This can reason a distraction and also can make it difficult or impossibleto avoid in an emergency. While flip flops might carry out someprotection if you are compelled to walk over glass and other debris,they otherwise perform not help.

Whether or no someone was wearingshoes is not likely to be a relevant factor in a an individual injurycase. If you have been injured, please call Law workplaces of Fernando D.

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Vargas in ~ 909-982-0707to request a free legal consultation through an proficient attorney.