i am trying to uncover out which is correct in "Good night" vs "goodnight" (vs "good-night"), and there seem come be conflicting views approximately the internet. I am hoping you males can burned some light right into why one may be wrong, or one might be far better than the rather (if all room correct).

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http://richwriting.com/grammar-guide-one-word-or-two/ states that "goodnight" is a wish, and "good night" method "have a an excellent night". To me these seem to be the same thing.

http://www.answers.com/Q/Is_goodnight_one_or_two_words says all three space correct, just be careful with the last two.



Looking in ~ the ngrams the both, great night has actually a much more frequent use. Goodnight has only showed up recently, arguing that it has actually been presented – however is exactly to use.I would write "Goodnight, sweetheart" and also "Have a great night".I additionally think that "goodnight" is simply a shortened way of speak "have a an excellent night".


Phrases deserve to confuse us due to the fact that they are incorrectly used, and also because they use the very same indigenous pairing. "Everyday" is a perfect example. Occasionally a merchant"s authorize reads, "Everyday low prices." yet why would a seller voluntarily combine him/herself through banality? No, it must be the the writer-merchant meant that the prices room low every work of the week! He/she should"ve created "Every day short prices." Goodnight is certain one word as soon as it is rendered as a single, concise bidding: "Goodnight!" and this practice (of creating it as one word) has probably come right into standard ubraintv-jp.com because "goodbye" is a single word (albeit it represented a four-word sentiment originally: "God be v ye," indigenous a time once "ye" was offered to mean you).


Have girlfriend consulted a dictionary?

Merriam-Webster lists good night and good-night.Collins, AHDEL, and others list only good night.Oxford virtual lists goodnight.

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Looks choose you have actually your pick. In AmE, ns most regularly see good night.


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