Medically the evaluation by Natalie Olsen, R.D., L.D., ACSM EP-C — composed by Ashley Marcin — to update on October 12, 2017

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Do friend eat a gluten-free diet? You might think plenty of of your favorite foods and also candies are off limits, yet that’s not always the case.

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Many of your favorite candies might actually be gluten-free. This method that the candy doesn’t save on computer protein or derivatives from the complying with ingredients:

wheatryebarleyspeltkamuttriticalefarinavital gluten semolinamalt vinegar

Here’s your overview to some well-known candy brands and their gluten-free offerings. It’s crucial to keep in mind that specific ingredients and formulations may change over time.

Additionally, the candy that are gluten-free in the united States might not be gluten-free in various other parts that the world. Always read her labels carefully prior to eating, and also speak with your doctor about any specific concerns you might have.

The Hershey Company’s perform of gluten-free candies is impressively long. It to be last to update in September 2015 and lists 147 different products that have been evaluate by the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA). If the food go contain any type of of the prohibited protein or derivatives, your content needs to be under 20 parts per million to earn the gluten-free designation.

Gluten-free candy include:

Almond pleasure (all types except Almond pleasure Pieces)Heath BarsHershey’s filled Kisses in these flavors: milk coco filled with caramel, milk cacao filled through cherry cordial creme, vanilla creme, and also dark cacao filled with mint truffleHershey’s Kisses in this flavors: milk chocolate, unique dark, Hugs, pumpkin spice, carrot cake, meltaway, and also deluxeHershey’s Milk coco bar (only in the 1.55 oz. Size)Hershey’s Milk cacao bar through Almonds (only in the 1.45 oz. Size)Hershey’s Milk DudsHershey’s Nuggets in these flavors: milk chocolate, milk coco with almonds, special dark, unique dark with almonds, and also extra creamy milk cacao with toffee and almondsMounds barsPaydayReese’s quick Break barReese’s Nutrageous barReese’s Peanut Butter cups (all except unwrapped minis and also any seasonal shapes)Reese’s piece (all other than Reese’s piece eggs)Rollo Caramels in Milk chocolate (all other than minis)Skor Toffee barsYork Peppermint Patties (all except York Pieces, York Minis, and York Shapes)

If you’re looking to eat other goodies, numerous of Hershey’s baking bars, baking chips, and cocoas are likewise gluten-free. Therefore are countless of the that company Brookside, Dagoba, and Scharffen Berger products.

Some liquid that likely contain gluten include:

5th way barsTake 5 barsWhoppers

MARS doesn’t have a details list that gluten-free candies available on the website. Its technique to sharing info is all about labeling. MARS encourages its gluten-free customers to check out labels carefully.

Any proteins and also cross-contamination threats are noted on packaging in plain terms (like wheat, barley, and rye instead of much less recognizable names), so they are straightforward to spot.

Gluten-free liquid include:

3 Musketeers barsM&Ms (all other than the pretzel, crispy, and details holiday varieties)Milky way Midnight and also Caramel barsDove (all except Milk chocolate Cinnamon Graham and Cookies and also Cream varieties)Snickers bars

This method that the complying with candies most likely contain gluten:

Pretzel M&MsCrispy M&MsCertain holiday M&MsOriginal Milky method barsDove Milk chocolate Cinnamon Graham and also Cookies and CreamMars bars

Again, the firm encourages friend to check out labels. If gluten can possibly be in the mix through handling or packaging, there must be a “may it is in present” explain on the label to help you avoid any type of cross-contamination.

Some liquid by Nestlé have actually special labeling to suggest that they’re entirely gluten-free. This way they have actually been through the FDA trial and error to recognize that any gluten protein or derivatives are under 20 components per million.

There are also other candies in the this firm line the don’t save on computer gluten ingredients, however have to be processed on devices that may or may not expose them to gluten.

The Celiac disease Foundation shares the the following Nestlé candies space gluten-free:

Baby RuthBit-O-HoneyButterfinger (original smell bar only, no Crisp or giant bars)Milk ChocolateGooobersNips regular and sugar-free varietiesOh Henry!RaisinetsSno-CapsWonka Pixy StixLaffy Taffy

The adhering to candies may not be gluten-free:

Butterfinger crisp or GiantCrunchKit Kat100 cool BarsNerdsWonka BarsWonka GummiesKazoozlesEverlasting Gobstoppers

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If you’re into Tootsie Rolls, you’re in for a treat. All of this company’s candies are gluten-free. The equipment the liquid is processed on is also free from gluten. This method that you i will not ~ find any kind of wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, spelt, or any type of of their contents in the candy.

Gluten-free candy include:

AndesCandy CarnivalCharleston ChewCry BabyDOTSDouble BubbleFluffy StuffFruit Chew PopsFruitiesJunior MintsNik-L-NipRazzlesSugar DaddyTootsie Bunch PopsTootsie PopsTootsie RollsWack-O-Wax

More good news if you a Smarties fan! The company shares that all of its assets are gluten-free. Not only that, however their candies are made in infrastructure that have actually a very low opportunity of any cross-contamination.

One exemption is Smarties Gummies. This candy is do from gluten-free ingredients, yet it is make in a basic that processes with wheat and also other allergens. As a result, this candy might contain gluten.

The means you deserve to know if something is safe is come look at the UPC number ~ above the packaging. If it starts v 0 11206, you can eat it without worry. This method it has been handle in a basic that renders “exclusively gluten-free products.”

Wrigley makes assets ranging from its well-known Doublemint gum come Skittles, Starburst, and also more. The company explains that some products “may save gluten the majority of our commodities are gluten-free.” Confused? The company goes on to explain that “ingredients and formulas might vary in between regions.” Regardless, the label should offer you every the information you must know.

These candies nothing contain gluten in the ingredients list:

Altoids (except minis and chocolate-covered varieties)Big Red gumCreme SaversDoublemint gumEclipse gumsExtra gumsHubba Bubba gumJuicy Fruit gumLife SaversOrbit gumsSkittlesStarburst

Jelly Belly uses jelly beans in delicious standard flavors and also in some other flavors that are certainly more for shock value (vomit, anyone?). The firm explains top top its website that all of its jelly beans space gluten-free. They are likewise peanut-free, dairy-free, fat-free, and even vegetarian friendly.

These candies carry out contain gluten:

Chocolate Malt BallsBridge MixBlack Licorice ButtonsLicorice Pastels

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NECCO has actually been make candy since 1847. Girlfriend may know them finest from those tiny hearts you gain on Valentine’s Day through the cute sayings.

The this firm website makes it straightforward to recognize which the its candies are gluten-free. It offers a comfortable list, especially stating that these commodities don’t contain gluten from wheat, rye, oats, or barley.

Gluten-free options:

NECCO WafersNECCO coco WafersCandy ButtonsCANADA Mints and CANADA WintergreenMary JaneBanana Splits ChewsMint Julep ChewsHaviland slim MintsHaviland Wintergreen PattySky BarSweethearts mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses

If girlfriend stick to this candies, you should be safe. Still, it’s always a great idea to examine the ingredients simply to it is in sure.

These candy by NECCO likely contain gluten:

Clark BarsHaviland Chocolate-Covered RaisinsHaviland NonpareilsMighty MaltsNECCO tropical WafersPeach BlossomsSlap Stix

The Ferrara Candy agency makes commodities ranging from atom Fireballs to Super balloon Bubble Gum. That doesn’t administer allergen or gluten-free lists on that is website, citing “changes that may take place in the manufacturing and also packaging environments.”

The complying with candies nothing contain gluten in their ingredients lists:

Assorted liquid Canes by Bob’s, Brach’s, and othersAtomic FireballsBoston small BeansBrach’s candy Corn, Cinnamon Disks, Conversation Hearts, and Lemon DropsCherry SoursJawbreakersJelly BeansJuju and also JujyLemonheads in this flavors: tropic Chewy Lemonheads, Chewy Lemonheads, Berry Chewy Lemonheads, Cherryheads, and GrapeheadsNow & LaterRed Hots

However, these candies may be exposed come gluten while they’re being made or packaged, leading to possible cross-contamination. To discover out specifics on her favorite types of candy, the agency encourages you to use the contact Us form to contact its consumer Relations team.

Impact Confections is a candy company based in Wisconsin. It may be best known for its Warheads candies, i m sorry come in many different varieties. The commonly Asked inquiries section on the impact website explains that the majority of the candies room gluten-free, yet that you must still check out the ingredients lists carefully before consuming.

Gluten-free choices include:

Marshmallow Circus PeanutsMarshmallow Coconut ToastiesOld Fashioned Creme DropsPeanut Butter KissesSeaside Salt Water TaffyWarheads too much SourWarheads sour Chewy CubesWarheads cake Spray CandyWarheads cake DippersWarheads twin DropsWarheads sour Coolers

Warheads Sour twisted contain wheat flour, and also Warheads tart Coolers contain oat fiber.

Peeps are one of the most renowned candies do by the just Born company. Numerous of that candies are gluten-free, and the agency is working to acquire their packaging come reflect this fact.

However, ingredients and formulations do change occasionally. So, also if you space sure something is gluten-free, that a an excellent idea to inspect that ingredients list.

Gluten-free options:

Hot Tamales (all other than Licorice Bites)Just Born Jelly BeansPeanut Chews (all other than Original Dark)Peeps (all other than Rainbow Pops)Teenee Beanee Jelly Beans

Mike and also Ikes is one more Just Born brand. It no bear a details gluten-free label. However, many flavors may be complimentary of gluten-containing ingredients.

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If girlfriend don’t watch your favorite candy bar or specific brand ~ above this list, don’t fret. Analysis the nutrition label on the back of the candy have to help. Friend may get lucky and see “gluten-free” written close to the ingredient list.

To have actually this labeling, the liquid must have gone through trial and error with the FDA. Otherwise, scan the ingredients and pay fist to fine-print “may contain” statements around processing.

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Still no sure? nothing eat it until you find out more. Friend can constantly call the firm with your certain questions.


Medically reviewed by Natalie Olsen, R.D., L.D., ACSM EP-C — created by Ashley Marcin — update on October 12, 2017