Charlotte Easton Gillies. Born: September 28th, 2013Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies. Born: April 4th, 2015 

Early Life

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Daniel was born inWinnipeg, Canada. His parentsmoved back to their nativeNew Zealandwhen Daniel wasfive. He prospered up in Invercargilland climate in Hamiltonwhere that attendedHamilton guys High School. He has three siblings.

Daniel ended up being interested in exhilaration at a young age, although Daniel"s family members has a solid medical background. His father isa pediatrician, his mommy a nurse, and his great-great-great grand was the famous plastic operated doctor pioneer,Sir Harold Gillies. His very first role to be Mrs. Peter rabbit in a school play!

Daniel to visit Hamilton boys High college as a youth and then went on come studyat Unitec,Auckland in "Performing and Screen Arts". His stage credits include:The Godboy, in i m sorry he winner a Chapman-Tripp Theatre compensation for best Actor because that his function as "Jimmy Sullivan."Other credits includeThe lower Depths, Anthony and also Cleopatra, PlayLunch, Julius CeaserandThe Judas Kiss. That has additionally written and also directed his own play, "Maybe". "Maybe" to be performed in ~ the "Unitec Performance and Screen arts Theatre".

Branching the end from theatre, he landed a lead duty in the new Zealand television series "Street Legal" playing "Tim O"Connor" for two seasons.After realizing the his career opportunities in new Zealand to be limited, Daniel relocated to Sydney, Australia because that a short time, and from there ago to Canada, prior to ending up in Los Angeles, whereby he quickly landed the duty of "John Jameson" in "Spider-Man 2". 


In enhancement to appearing in films, "Uncross theStars", "Bride and also Prejudice", and also "The emotion of Sight",Daniel has actually guestedon television reflects such together "Masters that Horror", "NCIS", "TheGlades"and "True Blood". Native 2010 he had actually a recurring roleonThe CW drama "The Vampire Diaries" asOriginal vampire Elijah Mikaelson, native which emerged its very own spin-off supernatural drama, "The Originals".In 2012, Daniel was cast as a leadin the Canadian supernatural medical series"Saving Hope",as Dr. Joel Goran. "Saving Hope" was expanded from 13 come 18 illustration in its second seasondue come its popularity together the number onesummer drama in Canada. It has been renewed by CTV for a 4th season. He concluded certification in this duty at the season 3 finale.Danielwrote,directed and starred in his first own film,Broken Kingdom, i m sorry -in a distinctive marketing strategy -was released virtual in October of2012; a long and also difficultlabor the lovewhich took almost five years, and also a huge personal toll, both emotionally and also financially. The perfect product, however, is something of i m sorry Daniel is justifiably proud. The accompanying documentary produced by Paiman Kalayeh and also John Lyons-Murphy, "Kingdom Come" adheres to Daniel"s pursuit to advanced funds and is quoted together being a "must watch for independentfilm makers".In January the 2013Daniel was actors in "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals", who back-door pilotaired as an episode of TVD in April.He continues to play the role of Elijah Mikaelson. The Originalswas choose up to series by The CW, and also after being an extremely successful in the 2013/14 tv season, that was chosen for an early renewal. "The Originals" starts its third season in the American fall. 


Daniel enjoys act a type of mixed martial arts - muay thai -in his spare time.

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That is one avid reader and also photographer, as well as an accomplishedpoet! the is at this time writing two various other screenplays which us hope to view on filmin the future, and is identified that one day, Tom Selleck will certainly play the role of his father. ;)