Damian Marley is the boy of reggae icon Bob Marley and Jamaica’s 1977 miss World, Cindy Breakspeare. He is the offspring of a union in between two distinctive and disparate worlds.

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica on July 21, 1978, Damian Robert Nesta Marley (a.k.a. ‘Junior Gong’), Bob’s youngest son, started performing as a son as the vocalist for a group dubbed The Shepherds. Consisted of of other popular reggae artists’ children, including Shiah Coore (son of 3rd World guitarist Cat Coore) and Yashema Beth McGregor, the daughter of Freddie McGregor and Judy Mowatt, The Shepherds performed in ~ several shows in Jamaica including the Reggae Sunsplash music festival in 1992.

After The Shepherds’ demise, Damian rotate his vocal talents to deejaying (the Jamaican identical of rapping). In 1993 Damian’s debut single Deejay level was exit on Tuff Gong documents (the label started by Bob Marley) and the following year he released Sexy girl On mine Mind because that the key Street label.

Damian’s next release, 1995’s institution Controversy, to be featured on the Epic/Sony Wonder compilation, positively Reggae v all sales proceeds going come Jamaica’s sheet of Life Foundation, an company which assists kids who room HIV positive.

Although he was still a teenager, Damian was selected as the positively Reggae spokesperson, a duty that presented him to the global press and record to buy public. That exact same yea, Damian performed at select dates top top the Shabba Ranks human being Unity tour and also with his brother Julian performed in ~ Jamaica’s Reggae Sunfest and Sunsplash festivals.

Damian was a high school student as soon as he began recording Mr. Marley at the Marley Music 48 track-recording studio. Created by Stephen Marley (head of the Marley Boyz production team), Mr. Marley delivered a blend of modern reggae grooves and also infectious dancehall rhythms alongside tough edged hip-hop beats, suitable complement for Damian’s functional deejay-rap style.

The album included several to update of Bob Marley classics and the solitary ‘Me name Junior Gong’ which went to the number one in Hawaii and also held that place for numerous weeks. ‘When we went to Hawaii in 1997,’ Damian recalls, ‘we had actually three song on the charts there: ‘Me surname Junior Gong,’ ‘One Cup that Coffee’ and ‘Now you Know,’ a track from Julian’s debut album.’

Damian and Julian’s burgeoning popularity earned them featured appearances ~ above the 1997 traveling alternative rock festival Lollapalooza which detailed invaluable exposure amongst a brand-new sector that music fans.

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Five year after the release of Mr. Marley, Damian had actually matured together a performer, songwriter, record artist and Rastafarian, his unwavering convictions reflected throughout his new album, Halfway Tree.

Stephen Marley developed Halfway Tree because that Marley Boyz productions. Stephen’s innovative strategy to Halfway Tree incorporates talked word introductions and dramatic vignettes as tune interludes, creating a conceptual cohesiveness lacking from many Jamaican albums. Stephen additionally adapts traditional reggae elements (forceful drum and also bass lines, committed society commentary) to 21st century hip hop’s synthesized beats and sometimes defiant stances while utilizing the talent of Jamaican singers, deejays and also musicians alongside American rappers, every underscoring Damian’s impassioned delivery.

Damian dubbed the album Halfway Tree due to the fact that ‘my dad is indigenous the country and the ghetto and my mother is indigenous uptown so i come favor a fifty percent way tree, favor a bridge since I have the right to relate to both sides.’


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