WE tv’s brand new show, Brat Loves Judy fight our displays on 5th August complying with the lives of rapper Da Brat and her multi-millionaire girlfriend Jessica “Judy” Dupart.

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The pair who have been offering fans an insight into their crazy, lavish lifestyle through their present has also been bring about fans to have actually some questions.

Within the fourth episode that the show, Da Brat’s sister is introduced and it just so happens the she is likewise famous – actress, LisaRaye McCoy.

But what exactly is their connection to one another?

Who is LisaRaye McCoy?

American actress, model, businesswoman and also fashion designer, LisaRaye McCoy has made quite the surname for it s her throughout she career.

From Chicago, Illinois, 53-year-old LisaRaye has featured in movies including ‘The football player Club’, ‘Civil Brand’ and ‘The Wood’.

Aside native her skilled life, LisaRaye is additionally a mom to daughter Kai Morae Pace, now 32-years-old.

How are Da Brat and also LisaRaye related?

Born to the same father, David ray McCoy, Da Brat and also LisaRaye room half-sisters.

Formerly well-known as Shaentae Harris, Da Brat is at this time 47-years-old, making her the younger sister come LisaRaye by 6 years.

Both cultivation up in Chicago, the brother didn’t invest their childhood’s cultivation up in ~ the exact same households. LisaRaye live on the southern side of the city whilst Da Brat lived on the west, splitting her life situation in between her mother and fathers homes.

What is their relationship favor now?

Although it appears that LisaRaye and Da Brat have retained a fairly close partnership over the years due to numerous photographs the the pair enjoying your time together, newly the pair have had actually a publicly dispute.

When Da Brat an initial announced her partnership with CEO, Jessica Dupart, LisaRaye to be upset to uncover out the she as well was only simply hearing of their connection via social media.

The upset which led to the sisters to have actually no contact for a year has actually recently seen a turn because of LisaRaye’s appearances ~ above Brat Loves Judy. Although us don’t know what’s in the cards for their future relationship, we room hoping to uncover out together the series continues….

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