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Is computer Science science, used mathematics, engineering, art, philosophy? \"Other\"?

To administer background, here is Steven Wartik\"s blog posting for clinical American titled \"I\"m not a genuine scientist, and that\"s okay.\" The short article covers some great topics because that this question, however it pipeline open an ext than it answers.

If you can think that the discipline, just how would computer science fit into its definition? should the self-control for computer Science be based on what programmers do, or what academics do? What type of answers carry out you obtain from world who\"ve appeared to think deeply about this? What reasons do they give?

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There room two distinctive IT disciplines:

Computer scientific research - is the discipline study the computers and computation using the clinical method.

Software design - is the discipline of designing and implementing software program following ideal engineering principles.

The 2 overlap somewhat, however the difference is really about desired outcomes of scientific research versus engineering. The desired outcome of a scientific technique is knowledge. The desired outcome that a engineering technique is points that work.

So come answer your question:

Is computer Science science, used mathematics, engineering, art, philosophy? \"Other\"?

Computer science is scientific research ... Once done properly. However, favor other disciplines CS has overlaps v Mathematics, Engineering, physical Sciences, social Sciences, Philosophy and also so on.

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I would certainly also add that what most programmers perform is neither computer Science or software application Engineering. The is more like what a craftsman does.

And sad to say, neither academic Computer scientific research or the Software design profession room as rigorous as older science and engineering disciplines. (There are fields of computer system Science that space traditionally rigorous; for example, the ones with a strong mathematical basis. However for plenty of fields, the is merely too hard / expensive to do ideal scientific research studies on the concerns that yes, really matter.)