Hydrocodone and also codeine are both opioids frequently prescribed for pain through equivalent side results. However before, hydrocodone is stronger than codeine to treat major pain.




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A serious crisis is developing in the U.S. as soon as it pertains to opioid abuse. Opioids are responsible for thousands of deaths every year, and also it’s essential for individuals to understand also what these drugs are and also what their results can be before they are prescribed to them. The following offers an introduction of two opioids in particular: codeine and also hydrocodone. 

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Codeine and also hydrocodone are both opioids that can be prescribed for pain.Hydrocodone is considered a more potent opioid than codeine.Both drugs are managed substances that lug a danger of abuse and also addiction.
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Codeine vs. Hydrocodone

Drug ClassNatural opioidSemi-man-made opioid
Drug ScheduleSchedule II to Schedule V, depending on the productSchedule II
UsesPain, coughPain
DosageCan vary; a sample dose is 15 to 30 mg eextremely 4 hours as neededCan vary; a sample dose is 10 mg eincredibly 12 hrs
Side EffectsConstipation, nausea, and sedationConstipation, nausea, and also sedation
WarningsCarries an FDA Babsence Box Warning for addiction, overdose, and drug interactions through central nervous device depressantsCarries an FDA Black Box Warning for addiction, overdose, drug interactions with main nervous device depressants, and a warning versus drinking alcohol via the long-acting form of the drug
Drug InteractionsAvoid through various other main nervous device depressants, including benzodiazepinesAvoid through other main nervous device depressants, consisting of benzodiazepine


What is codeine?

Codeine is a prescription opioid that’s offered to treat pain and also as a cough suppressant. It is a organic opioid derived from morphine. Among opioids, it’s taken into consideration fairly mild, however it still carries a risk of abuse, addiction and overdose.

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Codeine is often linked through other drugs such as Tylenol to develop combicountry formulations that more effectively relieve pain or cough.

Codeine is a narcotic that converts to morphine in the user’s body. It binds to opioid receptors in the brain, which changes exactly how the perboy experiences pain. It rises the person’s tolerance to pain, however it doesn’t necessarily minimize pain.

Typical codeine side effects deserve to encompass dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting and also sedation.

What is hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is likewise classified as an opioid pain reliever before that binds to particular main nervous mechanism receptors. If high doses are taken, it deserve to reason weak or shenable breapoint and various other side impacts.

Hydrocodone is taken into consideration a semi-man-made opioid, which implies it’s partially artificial. The drug is intfinished for pain ranging from moderate to significant. Hydrocodone is also sometimes supplied as an antitussive, interpretation it deserve to treat a cough.

Hydrocodone is often supplied in combination drugs such as Vicodin and also Lortab, which encompass both hydrocodone and also acetaminophen. It’s also easily accessible in controlled-release versions for more around-the-clock pain relief.

Which is much better, hydrocodone or codeine?

Neither hydrocodone nor codeine is objectively “better” than the various other. That shelp, each drug has actually a duty for which it might be a much better choice. As a much more potent opioid, hydrocodone may work better for major pain. As a less potent opioid, codeine might work-related effectively and even more safely for modeprice pain and also cough.

Is codeine in hydrocodone?

Codeine is not in hydrocodone. Each drug is a chemically unique opioid.

The primary differences in between codeine vs. hydrocodone include the potency of hydrocodone being stronger than that of codeine and the truth that hydrocodone is available as an extended-release medication.

Both have actually many of the very same threats and also side impacts, so if you’re prescribed either, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions.

Does hydrocodone have actually codeine in it?

No, hydrocodone does not contain codeine. Hydrocodone is a unique and also sepaprice opioid from codeine.

Is codeine more powerful than hydrocodone?

No, codeine is a lot weaker than hydrocodone. It would take only 30 mg of hydrocodone to equal the potency of 30 mg of the opioid morphine, while it would take 200 mg of codeine to accomplish the same result.

Similarities Between Codeine & Hydrocodone

Codeine and hydrocodone have many similarities:

Both are classified as narcotic or opioid pain relievers that adjust the perception of pain in the user, and both are obtainable just by prescription. Both codeine and hydrocodone impact the same locations of the brain and also can produce a high in the user, although this happens at reduced doses via hydrocodone in many civilization.Both codeine and hydrocodone are central nervous mechanism depressants with similar side impacts.Many side results from codeine and hydrocodone generally subside over time, although how side impacts affect civilization can vary in between people.Both may be habit-creating and can result in physical dependence.Both deserve to have actually dangerous interactions through many kind of of the exact same substances. This consists of central nervous device depressants favor benzodiazepines, for which both drugs bring an FDA Babsence Box Warning. Because opioids are main nervous device depressants, combining them through various other depressants may boost the hazard of overdose and fatality.

Important Warning

A hazard of abusage and also addiction exists with both codeine and also hydrocodone. However before, these dangers might be more substantial through hydrocodone given that it’s considered even more potent than codeine.

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Physical Dependence & Withdrawal Symptoms

Both codeine and hydrocodone can reason physical dependence. This occurs once someone’s brain and also body come to be provided to the presence of these drugs. When you are physically dependent on a drug, you will go through uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if you unexpectedly soptimal taking them. 

If a doctor has actually prescribed codeine or hydrocodone and also the patient wishes to stop, they will certainly usually put patients on a tapering-dvery own schedule where they use less and much less until they speak totally to lessen or proccasion withdrawal symptoms from occurring. If a perkid struggles via codeine or hydrocodone addiction, a clinical detox program complied with by inpatient rehab might be the finest choice to come off the medication.

Opioid withdrawal symptoms are equivalent in codeine and hydrocodone and include:

Nausea and vomitingAnxietyTrouble sleepingHot or cold flashesSweatingMuscle crampsWatery discharge from eyes or noseDiarrhea