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Cheesecake factory is OPEN on brand-new Year’s night 2019 and new Year’s job 2020. The restaurant will not be altering its on regular basis scheduled company hours, so client will have the ability to go and also enjoy pasta and sweets up through the new Year. Read on because that a complete rundown of the Cheesecake factory holiday schedule.

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New Year’s night and brand-new Year’s work are amongst the significant holidays the Cheesecake manufacturing facility stays open up for, with few of the others being Veteran’s Day and Christmas Eve. The other holidays the Cheesecake manufacturing facility remains open for includes:


New Year’s DayMartin Luther King, Jr. Job (MLK Day)Valentine’s DayPresidents DayMardi GrasFat TuesdaySt. Patrick’s DayGood FridayEaster SundayEaster MondayCinco de MayoMother’s DayMemorial DayFather’s DayIndependence work (4th that July)Labor DayColumbus DayHalloweenVeterans DayBlack FridayCyber MondayChristmas EveNew Year’s Eve

CLOSED because that BUSINESS

Thanksgiving DayChristmas Day

Dipping OREOs in milk? an early sign of your natural tendency toward OREOs in cheesecake.

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That said, restaurants may operate on vacation schedules with diminished hours, and also some places will open up late and/or close early. Because of these reasons, it’s a great idea to inspect whether your nearest ar is following comparable hours prior to heading over there to obtain pasta or everything your favorite Cheesecake manufacturing facility dish may be.

You can accessibility the store locator web page by click here. We put some arbitrarily locations right into the store locator page. It transforms out that most Cheesecake factory locations space open, but we recommend that you placed in your city and also zip code regardless, to check out what hrs are provided on the website. Most locations will operate between the hrs of 11 a.m. And also 10 p.m.

History of Cheesecake Factory

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Cheesecake factory was started by Evelyn Overton. She got the idea because that a bakery after ~ making a cheesecake for she husband’s employee in 1949, and also she opened up a little cheesecake shop in Detroit, Michigan, in the 1950s. Evelyn and her husband Oscar relocated to the backwoods Hills area of Los Angeles in 1972, at which suggest she opened up the an initial Cheesecake manufacturing facility location.

In 1978, Evelyn’s boy David opened a tiny salad-and-sandwich restaurant in Beverly Hills that sold 10 arrays of cheesecakes on a one-page menu. The chain conveniently grew successful, and by the 1990s, that had expanded to other areas in the united States.

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Today, Cheesecake manufacturing facility has over 211 full-service restaurants, including 195 under the Cheesecake factory brand, 14 under the grand Lux cafe brand and also 2 under the RockSugar Pan asian Kitchen brand. It has actually ten restaurants in the center East, including four in Dubai, three in Kuwait, two in Saudi Arabia and also one in the Yas shopping center in Abu Dhabi.