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For rob Lowe, his duty on 9-1-1: Lone Starhas end up being a family members affair. The actor"s son, man Owen Lowe, is working as a writer top top the emergency drama collection while his brother, Chad Lowe, directed this week"s illustration -- and also Rob recently told ET the he"s had a good time working with those closest to him.

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"I"m for this reason happy and also proud and also it renders coming to work even an ext fun 보다 it usually is," rob said, together he satellite down with ET alongside man Owen and Chad.

"I can"t protect against smiling," Chad added. "I have actually directed plunder before and we"ve always had so lot fun and it feel a little bit choose we"re drawing out dram in the backyard because that a touch football game. Therefore there"s that sort of an innovative energy that we lug to it."

Rob said that one thing that stands the end for him, as soon as it concerns working through his family is "howmuch ns trust them as peers and also collaborators."

"We deserve to have a full conversation around a step or a sequence and I"ll forget that it"s my son and also I"ll forget that it"s my brother and also I"ll it is in like, man, those men really knew what the hell they were doing!" plunder explained.

As for man Owen, acquiring to job-related with his father is an opportunity he really appreciates.

"It"s rare you gain to be finest friends and likewise look as much as someone and, you know, wework in the very same industry, for this reason I get to not just look up to him on an emotional levelbut additionally a career level, i m sorry is impressive for me," the explained.

Looking ago over their time with each other making productions together brothers, Rob and also Chad reflect on their long history of creative pursuits.

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"Our very first collaboration, Chad, might"ve to be the haunted house we would make in grandpa"s garage. Right?" rob asked, as Chad agreed. "We"ve had really great collaborations end the years."

"We"ve some an excellent home movies," Chad included with a laugh.

As for john Owen, he"s been creating for 9-1-1: Lone Star since the first season, prior to Rob ever signed on to it is in a part of the show, and also getting to work-related with his dad now has led to some really exciting and also potent moments.

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"We"ve had actually some good episodes together," john Owen shared."And ns was thrilled as soon as Chad was slated to straight this next one."

9-1-1: Lone Star airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT ~ above Fox.

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