Mackenzie Phillips claims she and her father started a sexual relationship as soon as she to be 18.

It isn’t simple being the boy of a rockstar, yet the story the Mackenzie Phillips takes the hardship come a new and horrifying level.

A promising Hollywood Career starts Going Sour


Getty ImagesMackenzie Phillips through her father john Phillips if in a brand-new Jersey medicine rehab center in December 1980.

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“On the night of my wedding, my father proved up, determined to avoid it,” she created in she autobiography. “I had actually tons of pills and dad had actually tons of every little thing too. Eventually, i passed the end on Dad’s bed.”

Mackenzie Phillips claims the relationship finished when she ended up being pregnant and wasn’t sure if it was she father or her husband that was the father.

According come Mackenzie, man Phillips felt that the 2 were in love. The even argued that they operation away come a country where people wouldn’t judge them for your relationship.

But to Mackenzie, the relationship was the resource of a lot of mental anguish. She claimed that she has spent years trying to repair the damages that it brought about her emotionally and that she was just able to lastly forgive she father ~ above his deathbed.

Support and also Rebuke

Having passed away in 2001, john Phillips was never able to respond publicly to the explosive charges make by his daughter. Mackenzie’s half-sister, Chynna Phillips, claimed she to trust the claims.

“Was he in reality raping her? ns don’t know,” Chynna said. “Do I believe that they had actually an incestuous relationship and also that that went on for 10 years? Yes.”

But two of man Phillips’ ex-wives space skeptical. “John was a an excellent man who had the an illness of alcoholism and drug addiction,” his third wife Genevieve said. “He to be incapable, no matter exactly how drunk or drugged that was, of having such a partnership with his own child.”

“You have to take with a serial of salt noþeles that’s claimed by a human being who has had a needle stuck in their arm for 35 years,” Michelle Phillips – John’s second wife and fellow tape member – told Us Weekly. “The totality story is disgusting.”

Since informing her story, Mackenzie Phillips has actually tried to placed her previous behind her. She’s still working in entertainment, yet she’s also spent time focusing on helping others who are struggling with drug addiction as she was through books and counseling work.

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