Had someone recommend them to me, I choose their sound and but I'm not into belief / faith / whatever. I don't wanna compose them off out of hand also though so I thought I'd ask. Hope this isn't a taboo or overly-discussed topic here, a search didn't answer my question.

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It counts on the song. Mariana's Trench and White Wamelted don't come across as religious to me. They are a band also of Christian confidence, though.

Honestly their music is so good it shouldn't really issue. One of my favorite bands!

Lyrics are extremely important in my enjoyment of music and despite being obviously talented, if I felt favor they were pushing an agenda I didn't assistance I couldn't personally gain it. Maybe that's unfair of me, I dunno, yet it is what it is.

It sounds choose they aren't doing that though so I'm looking forward to digging into their discography and making a much more increated decision on my very own. Thank you for your insight!

I wouldn't say the songs are specifically religious. However you could say that the impetus and concepts behind those lyrics were influenced by the writer's Christian ideas. It's not choose they're pgetting to or anything. There's a difference between a "Christian Band" and also a band also through Christian members.

There's a difference between a "Christian Band" and a band with Christian members.

Yep, this is my feeling additionally and I wanted to know which side ABR landed on. Thank you!

Usually it's approximately your interpretation. The members are all Christian, but the lyrics aren't in your confront about it. You should have no trouble enjoying them.

Gotcha - I have no problem through them having actually their belief as lengthy as they aren't trying to pressure it on me. many thanks for your insight.

I think it's greatly Matt and Jake that are actually Christian, the rest are pretty 'meh' about it.

Some songs favor 'Salt and light' have obvious Bible recommendations, but to be honest it actually works really well and also makes for some really awesome lyrics. I'm pretty sure 'White Washed' is about how much Jake hates human being pushing their beliefs on other civilization.

I uncover a lot of of their songs' lyrics are more around motivation and overcoming individual obstacles but there are a couple of songs that have actually a little bit more of a religious incentive behind the words. "Redemption", "Crusades" and also "Blackwood" being a couple of that concerned mind. Blackwood is around a corrupt pastor (Joel Osteen) that doesn't treatment about his faith and also is just making use of his place for money.

I had the exact same appointments when I began listening to ABR. Personally, I am not a spiritual perboy. Metal bands that might pass as "anti-religious" prefer Lamb of God really float my watercraft. However before, I have discovered that the reason I favor specific metal bands for their lyrics is because sassist lyrics are introspective, believed motivating, and all at once simply intellectual in nature, even if they have actually darker wording. Get in ABR. At initially, you will certainly notification some even more positive sounding lyrics that scream "these men are a Christian band also...", yet remainder assured, they are not so in your-challenge around it. They execute not sound choose fucking Creed dude. ABR is hardcore, intense and steel as fuck. Do not underestimate their capability to rock your socks off. The lyrics are indeed positive, yet dont mistake that positivity as pushing religious beliefs. They make you feel like you're not the just one struggling with life, and they perform it in a way that is still brutal and visceral and also raw. The jam-choose side of the band also that really mirrors their truly next-level musicianship dips right into various other genres without departing from the intensity of the song.

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Anyway, Tl;Dr: Some lyrics sound mildly spiritual, however the band also is not a "Christian" steel band. If you gain technical hardcore metal, you will love them.