Eileen Davidson, who has actually played Ashley Abbott top top The Young and the Restless on and also off because 1982, is quitting the top-rated soap.

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After Daytime Confidential broke the news so late last night, the Emmy-winning performer evidenced the report top top Twitter this morning.

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The longtime soap star teases the upcoming on-screen drama and weighs in on her TV sister leave after all these years.
YandR_CBS in September,” Davidson post on society media. “I’ve to be so blessed to be able to play Ashley Abbott and also work v the amazing world on the show and also have nothing however gratitude and love because that all!!”

Yes ns am leave my 2nd home
YandR_CBS in September. I’ve been so blessed to be able to play Ashley Abbott and also work v the amazing human being on the show and have nothing however gratitude and also love because that all!!! Time for a little an ext control end my day to day! ❤️❤️💋

— Eileen Davidson (
eileen_davidson) June 27, 2018

This is Y&R’s second large recent loss. Mishael Morgan (soon-to-be-ex-Hilary) has actually announced her leave from Genoa City. Her agent provided an interview in i beg your pardon he declared that finances were a stumbling block in the renegotiations.

The Daytime Confidential report suggested that that may have actually played a factor also in Davidson’s decision.

However, the actress declared in she social media post that her exit is about “Time for a little an ext control over my day to day!”

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One place that Davidson likely won’t be going come is she Emmy-winning duty of Kristen top top Days of our Lives. Many sites are reporting that the NBC serial, i m sorry tapes numerous months in advance, has currently recast the role of Kristen through actress Stacy Haiduk (ex-Patty/ex-Emily, Y&R; Superboy).

It’s feasible that Davidson might return come The real Housewives the Beverly Hills, the Bravo reality display on which she showed up from 2014-18.

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Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott and Kristoff St. Man as Neil winter on ‘The Young and also the Restless’

No word indigenous Y&R yet on if Ashley will be recast. Once Davidson vacated the duty for the an initial time in 1988, actress — and Davidson-look-alike — Brenda Epperson took end the part.

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