Andersonville Theological Seminary was established in 1981. Because that over 30 years, we have been an outstanding distance discovering school. Today, we have over 7,000 students right now enrolled and also over 30,000 graduates worldwide. Andersonville Theological Seminary has constantly stood on its reputation as the world’s ideal Bible school and also is very recognized by various other credible schools of higher learning.

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As Andersonville Theological Seminary has grown and also our reputation has actually spread, we space privileged to inform you that various regionally and also nationally accredited colleges and universities have welcomed the degrees of Andersonville. Thus, end the previous three decades, countless of our students have gone on to these other schools to proceed their education. The course, that is constantly up come the receiving school’s discretion to expropriate or reject any kind of student search admission.


Andersonville Theological Seminary has actually been chartered by the State that Georgia as a non-profit Christian seminary and has been authorized by the Georgia Non-public Postsecondary education and learning Commission for spiritual exemption in ~ 2082 east Exchange ar in Tucker, GA 30094-5305.

Andersonville Theological Seminary has actually been approved by the interior Revenue service as a tax-exempt 501-C3 seminary.

Andersonville Theological Seminary is a member the the United claims Distance learning Association (USDLA). USDLA top quality standards certify that an education provider is a credible school that adheres to known standards the quality and also performance, is responsive to its constituencies, and is committed to excellence in all elements of its distance finding out program. Andersonville Theological Seminary is provided with USDLA as a non-profit organization. Visit USDLA’s website to watch the membership schools.

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Andersonville Theological Seminary is a member of the Association the Christian street Education (ACCESS). Accessibility is the leading network that Christian organizations defined by a commitment come make top quality education obtainable and affordable. Visit your website at

Andersonville Theological Seminary is proud to it is in affiliated with the academy of Theological Studies (ITS). As an affiliate we can offer courses from the by method of audio CD MP3 format. These courses space recognized and also approved by numerous seminaries in the joined States and also Canada.

Andersonville Theological Seminary is a certified scholastic institution v the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA). NCCA is the biggest educational and training combination of Christian counselors in the world. Twice, Andersonville Theological Seminary has actually been named the “NCCA college of the Year.”

Andersonville Theological Seminary is listed with the Association of Christian institutions International (ACSI) together a “Recognized” college program. As soon as inquiring, you re welcome be sure to use the hatchet “recognized.”