How to Tribute Summon monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh

Each turn in Yu-Gi-Oh, players have actually one "normal summon" to assist cast monsters. Monster of level four or much less (count the stars in a card's upper-right corner) deserve to be regular summoned there is no tribute, but cards of higher level need you to sacrifice various other monsters.

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Levels 5-6 require one tribute, level 7 and also up need two, and some distinct cards (like the Egyptian Gods) need three tributes. Tribute summoning needs you to forfeit other monsters however rewards you with bulky creatures with imposing effects—how can you best employ the mechanic? here are ten great generic tribute support in Yu-Gi-Oh!


10. Tribute Burial

Type: Spell

Activating Burial avoids you from one-of-a-kind summoning because that the remainder of the turn, so if girlfriend have any extra deck creatures come summon, actors them beforehand. However after you usage Burial, you can summon a two-tribute monster without sacrificing through banishing a monster from each graveyard.

This tho counts as a tribute summon, activates any relevant abilities, and lets friend play a bulky creature also from an north field.


9. Battle Fader

Type: Monster

A support/defense mix, you have the right to special summon fight Fader from her hand when your enemy declares a straight attack. You additionally end the fight phase, not just saving you from damage, yet leaving your field with a monster come sacrifice top top your following turn. Fader is banished as soon as it leaves the field, yet it's quiet a an excellent way to protect yourself and also prepare a tribute.


8. In march of the Monarchs

Type: Spell

Like countless of the finest tribute supports, this order belongs come the king archetype, but any kind of deck deserve to utilize it. March's fence is the you can't summon from her extra deck when it's out, but to compensate, it avoids your tributed monster from gift targeted or destroyed by card effects.

Losing accessibility to your extra deck is admittedly a big penalty, however for tribute decks that don't greatly rely ~ above it, those defenses may really well be worth it.


7. Valuable Cards from Beyond

Type: Spell

This constant spell helps restock your hand after summoning; whenever friend play a monster using two or more tributes, beyond gives you two draws. That's a the majority of potential card advantage, just remember the single-tribute monster won't create the effect.


6. Advancement Zone

Type: Spell

Advance Zone supplies a more-versatile Beyond, profitable you with effects based on the variety of monsters offered to tribute summon that turn. With one tribute, you deserve to destroy any opposing collection card, through two, you attract a card, and with three, you return a monster from your graveyard to your hand.

These impacts stack, therefore you'll get all if you actors a three-tribute behemoth. That said, the ability don't trigger until your end phase, for this reason you'll need to wait until your next turn to use your brand-new cards.

5. Legion the Fiend Jester

Type: Monster

Admittedly, Legion just works through spellcasters, yet they're a common form with several competitive archetypes. Throughout your main phase, Legion gives you an extra tribute summon the a spellcaster in addition to your consistent normal summon.

And if Legion is sent out from the field to the graveyard, friend can add a spellcaster-type regular monster from your deck or graveyard to her hand. This means you can normal summon Legion, climate forfeit him because that an immediate tribute summon that'll find a spellcaster from your deck (try detect "Dark Magician" or common pendulum cards favor "Dragonpit Magician").

4. Goalkeeper of the Shrine

Type: Monster

Like Legion, keeper empowers a common monster type: dragon. Goalkeeper has strong DEF and also can be cure as 2 tributes because that a dragon's tribute summon.

Plus, as soon as a face-up dragon top top the field (even an opponent's) is sent out to the graveyard indigenous an effect or battle, you can special summon keeper from your hand or graveyard. And also if the monster to be a common monster, friend can also return a dragon typical monster from your graveyard to her hand.

Basically, Keeper continuously reenters the ar to administer dragon tribute fodder, and also he works particularly well v decks utilizing common cards (like "Blue-Eyes White Dragon").

3. Escalation of the Monarchs

Type: Trap

Here's the ideal legal alternative you'll find to the long-banned "Ultimate Offering". As soon as per turn, during your opponent's key phase or fight phase, Escalation lets you tribute summon a monster. Yep, you have the right to interrupt an opponent's rotate to play a card, a an excellent response come a removal the would have actually removed her tribute anyway.

And since Escalation is a constant trap, it'll remain fielded until removed, offering ongoing tribute summons.

2. Spirit Exchange

Type: Spell

Soul Exchange forfeits your turn's fight phase, so you can't strike the rotate you pat it. That's a sizable trade-off, but in exchange, it allows you tribute summon as soon as that rotate using an the contrary monster together tribute!

You only acquire to tribute one adversary (two-tribute monsters still call for a sacrifice on her side the the field), however this help spare your own servants while eliminating threats from your opponent's field. Usage Exchange to get rid of pesky cards that space immune to result or fight destruction, or rental its alternative...

As component of the king archetype, Stormforth has extr synergy within its theme, however it's a tempting option for any tribute deck. Together a quick-play spell, friend can actors it on either player's turn, and like soul Exchange, you get to tribute summon utilizing an the opposite monster that turn.

You can't pat cards from her extra deck the rotate you use Stormforth, yet now girlfriend don't have to sacrifice your turn's battle phase. Plus, unlike Exchange, Stormforth doesn't target, offering a more comprehensive range of monsters it have the right to sacrifice.

A compete card also outside king decks, Stormforth won't rest the bank, costing less than a single dollar!

Banned Tribute supports in Yu-Gi-Oh

In enhancement to today's units, store an eye top top the ban list to view if "Dandylion", "Ultimate Offering", and also "Level Eater" ever become unbanned, every one of which provide easy sacrifices because that tribute summons. And also be certain to study your selected archetype for tribute supports unique to your theme.

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Whether you're structure a tribute-focused deck or mix them in elsewhere, high-level monsters provide powerful beatsticks that don't hog your minimal extra deck zones. Yet for now, as we await Konami's next collection of tribute supports, vote for her favorite card and also I'll see you in ~ our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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