Almonds are stone fruits (since they are the kernel of a fruit) and originally come native Asia; nowadays they additionally grow in Spain, America (California) and Italy. The intake of almonds provided to be an extremely popular because that healing the illness of those living the good life. Cooks that royal families used to add almonds to the food so that the heavy meals of meat were simpler to digest.

Rose family

Almonds are members the the increased family and are therefore likewise called ‘The queen the the rose family’. Other household members of the almond are the peach and also the apricot. Almonds were grown countless years back without having actually an main name. The took some time prior to the name almond was created. This was due to the fact that botanists preserved thinking up new names because that it.

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Ornamental form

The almond tree have the right to be well-known by its ornamental shape. In outstanding cases, the tree have the right to reach a height of 12 metres. The flower of the almond tree includes a big amount that nectar and therefore attracts plenty of insects. Bees in specific target this tree and take care of pollination at the same time. Fruit are found in the tree at an early stage every year. Almonds do no ripen till the finish of summer.

Further details to various other nuts:

Nutritional value Almonds

AlmondsNutritional value per 100 gramsRDA
Energy2728 kJ / 659 kcal
Protein21.7 g
Carbohydrates14.1 g
o.w. Sugars3.8 g
Fats55.8 g
o.w. Saturated3.7 g
o.w. Mono unsat.34.8 g
o.w. Poly unsat.

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14.5 g
Dietary fiber7.0 g
Sodium5.0 mg
Calcium283.0 mg35.0%
Magnesium305.0 mg81.0%
Phosphorus625.0 mg


Iron3.3 mg24.0%
Zinc3.1 mg31.0%
Vitamin B10.2 mg14.0%
Vitamin B20.7 mg50.0%
Vitamin B34.3 mg24.0%
Vitamin E21.8 mg182.0%
Folic acid26.0 mcg13.0%

RDA = Recommended everyday Amount Warning: tiny children can choke on nuts.