Difference in between Figs and Dates

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Figs are the fruit that are developed on the fig tree, Ficus carica. Dates are fruit that are developed on the day palm tree, Phoenix dactylifera.

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What is Figs?


A fig is a kind of fruit that is formed on a fig tree, i m sorry is a tree of the genus Ficus and species carica. People eat figs together fresh fruit or together dried fruit and also figs are taken into consideration a healthy food option.


Figs space found and grow abundantly in countless parts of the world today, yet the original selection of the fig tree is believed to be the of the Mediterranean countries and parts the Asia. The fig trees generally flourish optimally in warmth conditions and have to have soil the drains well.


The fruit the the fig is usually eco-friendly in color or purple in color and also it is created in the axils of leaves or where leaves were when attached ~ above the trunk of the plant. The fruits are additionally called syconia and also they are created individually or as pairs.


There space two main varieties of fig fruits that are produced, one from long-styled flowers which space edible and another form that is developed from a different form of mrs flower, i m sorry is a short-styled flower. In the latter case, the fruits are inedible and also the tree is referred to as a caprifig. Fig pollination is v wasps i beg your pardon are dedicated for pollination the fig trees.

Health benefits:

Figs room a healthy and balanced food item that deserve to be consumed either fresh or dried. The figs save a the majority of calcium, in ~ 20 percent the recommended daily intake, and they contain magnesium, potassium and also even 10 g that fiber. The potassium and also magnesium are important electrolytes the you must stay healthy, and also the fiber is also beneficial for an excellent health, particularly for the cradle system. The figs are also good sources the iron and phosphorous and also may help to prevent disease through the presence of various phenolic compounds and also other phytochemicals.


What is Dates?


A day is a fruit that is created by the date palm tree, which has actually the clinical name Phoenix dactylifera. The fruit deserve to be consumed either new or dried, depending upon where the fruit is harvested.


Date palms naturally flourish in locations of the world that have actually a dry and hot climate, such together the middle-eastern countries and northern components of Africa. Nations of the Middle east have depended on date palms as a resource of food and also other products for countless centuries.


The date fruit is commonly a brown come reddish-brown color with a wrinkled appearance. It is likewise oval in shape and also has a difficult texture, and also is classified as a drupe. Unequal figs the contain lot of seeds, a date fruit contains only one seed, which way it does not have actually the crunchy texture that a fig has when eaten.


The date fruits are created in bunches ~ above the palm tree, and also they deserve to weigh as lot as 8 kg every bunch. A single bunch might contain 1000 or more individual fruits. The date palm trees start to create fruit at about 5 years old and also they can proceed to create fruit for number of years later but eventually, end time, castle do create less and also less fruit. Top production is at around 10 years, yet date palm trees proceed to kind fruit for number of decades.

Health benefits:

The date fruit walk contain healthy and balanced nutrients such together magnesium, potassium and also a very tiny amount that calcium (3% RDI). It also does contain some fiber and also is taken into consideration a healthy and balanced food choice. The sugar content though is greater than that of figs, with days having 63 grams of sugar while figs have actually only 43 grams per 100 grams.

Difference in between Figs and Dates?


Figs are fruits produced by the fig tree Ficus carica. Days are fruits that are developed by the day palm tree Phoenix dactylifera.


Fig fruit are environment-friendly to violet in shade with a rounded shape and crunchy texture once eaten. Day palm fruits space brown to reddish-brown oval-shaped and have a smooth texture as soon as eaten.


The fruit of figs kind singly or in pairs. The fruits of the date palm form in big bunches include several day fruits.

Number the seeds current in a single fruit

The fig fruit includes many seed inside it and is for this reason not a drupe. The date fruit only contains a solitary seed i beg your pardon is why that is classified as a drupe.

Sugar content per 100 grams

The sugar contents of figs is around 43 grams every 100 grams. The sugar contents of days is much higher at around 63 grams per 100 grams.

Calcium content

The calcium contents of figs is rather high in ~ 20% that RDI. The calcium contents of dates, in comparison, is rather low at around 3% the RDI.

Table to compare Figs and Dates


Summary that Figs Vs. Dates

Figs and also dates are both fruit that human being commonly eat fresh or dried.Figs have much more calcium present and are much less sweet 보다 dates.Dates are lot sweeter than figs and also the fruit is created in huge bunches on day palm trees.Both figs and also dates are considered healthy foodstuffs that contain crucial nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, fiber, and calcium.

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