If you’re still confused around CR2025 vs CR2032 battery, i m sorry one is better for her purpose, then you have to read this write-up below. I’m walk to give you a more details of this two varieties of batteries. Ok, let’s gain started.

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The Overview

These batteries are referred to as watch battery or button cell, small single cellbatteryshaped together a squatcylindertypically 5 come 25mm. We often see this kind of battery in tiny electrical devices likes wrist watches, listening aids, and also pocket calculators…

At the first look, these 2 batteries appears to it is in the exact same with little size, rounded shape and also shinny silver- color. The just thing that aid us to identify the kind of castle is the notation on your surface. But they are different, let’s have actually a look in ~ theirs specs.

Type: CoinChemical System: Lithium / Manganese DioxideDiameter: 20mmThickness: 2.5mmNominal Voltage: 3.0 VoltsTypical Capacity: 170 mAhTypical Weight: 2.6 gramsOperating Temp: -30C to 60CSelf Discharge: ~1% / year
Type: CoinChemical System: Lithium / Manganese DioxideDiameter: 20mmThickness: 3.2mmNominal Voltage: 3.0 VoltsTypical Capacity: 235 mAhTypical Weight: 3.0 gramsOperating Temp: -30C come 60CSelf Discharge: ~1% / year

The Similarities

As you deserve to see CR2025 and also CR2032 have actually a many in common. Both that them space 3V switch cells, the very same diameter and also assuming they fit in the case, they are interchangeable.

There room a most companies administer these species of batteries. Several of them are Duracell, Panasonic, Philips and also my many favorite one Energizer. Energizer has a mAh that 163. It will hold its fee for up to 8 year on storage. A fill of 5 is great value for money for a well-known brand. The various other brands space also an excellent with high quality and also trusted.

CR2025 vs CR2032: The Differences

The only thing the make CR2025 vs CR2032 various is the thickness. The CR2025 is 2.5mm special while CR2032 is 3.2mm. This spec cause the various of load (2.6 grams vs 3.0 grams) and also capacity (170 mAh vs 235 mAh).

Only a tiny difference in thickness can make a substantial difference in power storage. Therefore if you desire something that have the right to last lot longer, just go for CR2032.

CR2025 vs CR2032: The Winner

Although CR2032 appears to it is in reasonable due to the fact that of its capacity but which battery friend should pick is rely on your purpose, how often do girlfriend use and your budget. And also one an ext important thing you should take into consideration is her device’s battery warehouse space. If it doesn’t fit, smaller sized or bigger, the won’t work.

For children’s toys and also pocket calculators, CR2025 probably better. Yet for wrist watches, love monitor scans, and also hearing aids, CR2032 may take place.

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Final Verdict

So her decision will certainly be make of the capacity of those batteries. But due to the fact that the size and the thickness the them space very little so you should be really careful since your kids or her pets might swallow or you need to spend lots of time to discover them once they room lost.