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Weighted GPA vs. Unweighted GPA. That a debate as old as time itself.

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Well, it’s no really. But, if your college reports grade point averages top top both of these scales, figuring out which one is an ext important because that college have the right to be rather confusing. But friend don’t must worry, since we are below to help!

We will walk you v the ins and also outs that weighted and unweighted GPAs. By the time you space finished analysis this blog, you’ll know what each one means, just how it is calculated, and also which one looks far better on a university application. We’ll also walk you v the plans of a couple of specific schools, so also if the persons we decided aren’t on her list of favorites, you’ll know what to look for once you perform your own research.

Let’s obtain started!

What’s one unweighted GPA?

An unweighted GPA is the most well-known grade allude average report scale. it is provided in high schools and also colleges throughout much that America. Girlfriend probably currently know a lot around it, but let us refresh her memory, just in case.

It is reported on a 4.0 scale. This means that if you gain straight A’s, girlfriend will accomplish the “perfect” 4.0. If, however, you fail every course that you take, girlfriend would have actually an unweighted GPA of 0.0. It’s that simple. Each letter grade has a numerical worth from 0.0 – 4.0, but don’t just take our word because that it, here’s the official list:

Letter Grade

Unweighted GPA


You can read an in depth post about how to calculate her unweighted GPA here, but the gist of that is the you:

translate every letter grade into its matching number aboveadd increase the “grade points” native each course you took every semesterdivide the number by the full amount the classes girlfriend took

And voilà! there you have actually it, your unweighted grade point average. Now execute you watch where the word median comes from?

Of course, her friend’s so-called “perfect” GPA would be exposed throughout the university admissions process, as soon as the human being who read his application confirm his stellar grades against his transcript. However, those in education determined that there necessary to it is in a better means of setting high-achieving students except those who just took academic classes.

And therefore the weight GPA range was born.

What’s a weight GPA?

Let us present you.

Letter Grade

Weighted GPA


You can read our post about to calculate your weighted GPA here, yet let us offer you a quick summary.

So, to find your load GPA, very first follow the steps over to uncover your unweighted GPA.

Now, to convert this come weighted GPA, you have to do the following

And over there you have it. Your weighted GPA.

Weighted GPA vs. Unweighted GPA – i beg your pardon is better for college?


Now the you recognize both grade allude average reporting scales, that is time come talk around which one will make the university admissions procedure easier because that you. In short, colleges don’t really have actually a desired GPA report scale. Both have actually their pros and also cons.

For example, the unweighted GPA is the easier to occupational with due to the fact that its letter grade to number switch are really straightforward. It’s also the scale used during college, for this reason your unweighted GPA can give college admissions policemans a better idea of how you’ll do at their school. However, the weighted GPA indicates that you took complicated classes every throughout high school, in a way making girlfriend even more prepared because that college. Since of this, your GPA isn’t taken into consideration by itself, yet rather the is looked at side by side through your transcript. Your transcript is the perform of every the great you absorbed high school, and how you did in them.

Admissions officers additionally consider the differences in between separate high school’s and their standards. that is, the performance of a college student from institution with a lot of of funding from Connecticut can’t be directly compared to the of who from a smaller institution in landscape Kentucky. If you have over a 2.5 GPA (weighted or unweighted) most admissions committees will really take the moment to look v your academic records, course by course, come make certain you space a good fit for your school.

If my institution reports both scales, which one execute colleges ask for?

Let’s take it a look in ~ the admissions plans of a couple of different schools. Because that the sake of brevity, we will only list a few. So, if your favorite school isn’t noted below, you’ll just need to look increase “X GPA policy” or “X GPA requirements” and also replace X with the surname of the university.

Yale college GPA Policy

 Ah, the Ivy League. Let’s check out what Yale’s GPA scale stance is.

 Since each high school has various ways that measuring student grades, Yale does not have an median GPA calculation for accepted students. The admissions committee go not prefer weighted or unweighted GPAs, rather they choose to view that student have challenged themselves with the strongest curriculum possible at their high school.”

Information via the Yale Admissions Office.

So together you have the right to see, the Yale view is quite much everything we’ve been telling you. They care much more about the holistic picture of you as a student, rather than a an easy number.

University of southerly California GPA Policy

USC sings the exact same tune together Yale.

“There is no minimum need or absolute “cutoff” because that grades, course rank or check scores. USC evaluate prospective students v an individualized, considerable review procedure that bring away these, and also many other factors, right into account.”

They seem come care much more about the large picture of every student’s academic, although they did perform unweighted GPA’s on your 2015-2016 freshman class profile.

Mount Holyoke university GPA Policy

Mount Holyoke solid mentions grade allude averages at all on your admissions website.Instead, they seem to focus on every student’s personal talents and achievements when picking their class.

There space plenty of schools that are an ext accomplishment-orientated, fairly than academically inclined. If you uncover yourself talented in less mainstream pursuits, don’t worry. There is a institution out there for you.

Ole’ miss out on GPA plan

The college of Mississippi seems to consider GPAs ~ above the unweighted scale. You have the right to read through all of their admissions requirements on the website here, yet the gist of is you need to have at least 2.5 come be thought about for admission. You got this!

 A fast review

You’ve read a lot. So, let united state take a few things off your plate by mentioning the few things you really have to remember from this article.

Unweighted GPAs room reported ~ above a 4.0 scale and consider every classes equal.Weighted GPAs are reported ~ above a 5.0 scale and consider class an obstacle when awarding grades.Colleges take into consideration both as soon as reading your applications for admission.A solid transcript full of good grades in challenging classes is better than simply a high GPA.

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So remember, in the good weighted GPA vs. Unweighted GPA debate, the price is to occupational hard and take complicated classes.

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