Find your perfect shoe size easily! Convert any size (Euro, UK, global sizes) to US sizes for men, woguys, and kids. Use our how-to guide to meacertain your feet or use our printable shoe size charts to uncover the best size.

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UK Shoe Sizes: UK to US Shoe Size

UKUS Women"sUS Men"s
UK 020.5
UK 0.52.51
UK 131.5
UK 1.53.52
UK 242.5
UK 2.54.53
UK 353.5
UK 3.55.54
UK 464.5
UK 4.56.55
UK 575.5
UK 5.57.56
UK 686.5
UK 6.58.57
UK 797.5
UK 7.59.58
UK 8108.5
UK 8.510.59
UK 9119.5
UK 9.511.510
UK 101210.5
UK 10.512.511
UK 111311.5
UK 11.513.512
UK 121412.5
UK 12.514.513
UK 131513.5
UK 13.515.514
UK 141614.5
UK 14.516.515
UK 151715.5

UK shoe sizes are actually surprisingly cshed to US shoe sizes, and also generally, the dimension difference for men is just about 0.5 size and also for womales 2 sizes. Hence, a US women’s shoe size 9, corresponds to a UK dimension 7 and also a US men’s shoe size 10.5 to a UK men’s shoe dimension 10.However, some manufacturers and also companies do points in a different way, so make sure to consult these UK to US shoe dimension charts whenever before you’re shopping for shoes.

Euro Shoe Sizes: EU to US Shoe Size

EU Sizes = European Sizes/Euro Sizes are provided in the totality of Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden etc. Italian Shoe Sizes, French Shoe Sizes and Germale Shoe Sizes are all combined as “Euro Shoe Sizes”.

US Men"sUS Women"sEU Shoe Size
0.52Size 32 EU
12.5Size 32.5 EU
1.53Size 33 EU
23.5Size 33.5 EU
2.54Size 34 EU
34.5Size 34.5 EU
3.55Size 35 EU
45.5Size 35.5 EU
4.56Size 36.5 EU
56.5Size 37 EU
5.57Size 37.5 EU
67.5Size 38 EU
6.58Size 39 EU
78.5Size 39.5 EU
7.59Size 40 EU
89.5Size 40.5 EU
8.510Size 41.5 EU
910.5Size 41.5 EU
9.511Size 42.5 EU
1011.5Size 43.5 EU
10.512Size 44 EU
1112.5Size 44.5 EU
11.513Size 45.5 EU
1213.5Size 46 EU
12.514Size 46.5 EU
1314.5Size 47 EU
13.515Size 47.5 EU
1415.5Size 48.5 EU
14.516Size 49 EU
1516.5Size 49.5 EU
15.517Size 50 EU

European shoe sizes are unisex, compared to the US conventional which clearly separates males, woguys, and also children’s shoe sizes. In the European shoe sizing traditional, the color, and also details frequently determine whether the footwear is for male or female. Europeans sizing deserve to extfinish as much as a size 50, which steps 12 ⅔ inches.

How to transform Euro shoe dimension to US? The simplest method to transform a US men’s shoe size to EU size is to add 33 to your existing US size. Example: If you are wearing a US men’s dimension 9, then in EU terms, your size will certainly be 42 in Euro.

European shoe sizes are measured in centimeters. Just like US shoes, though, the number does not correspond straight to the size of the shoe – a dimension 44 in the US will certainly not be 44 centimeters long, however will certainly in truth be about 27.9 centimeters or 11 inches in size. The many prevalent sizes for women are size 39 (in US = 8), EU dimension 37 is 6.5 US, and also size 38 in the US is 7.5.

International Shoe Sizes: Converting US size to Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Oriental, Indian shoe sizes

US Men"sUS Women"sJP (cm)CNKP (mm)India

The above chart will certainly help you convert your shoe size to different Eastern shoe sizes. It’s crucial to note that Japan, Korea, China, and also various other Oriental nations all usage different sizing, so tright here is no global “Asian” conventional. Make sure to consult this chart to make sure you pick the right shoe dimension for you.

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It’s simple to uncover your size. Meacertain your foot size and convert making use of this chart. Or choose the size you already understand and also discover the dimension you require through this shoe dimension chart.