History >>Renaissance because that KidsAt the time of the Renaissance Italy was governed through a number of powerful city-states. This were several of the largest and richest cities in every one of Europe. Several of the more important city-states included Florence, Milan, Venice, Naples, and Rome.

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Map of Italian city-states(click snapshot to enlarge)
What is a city-state?A city-state is a an ar that is independently ruled by a significant city. Italy wasn"t one merged country, yet a number of small live independence city-states. Several of these cities were operation by chosen leaders and others by judgment families. Frequently times these cities dealt with each other.Why to be they important?The riches of the Italian city-state played critical role in the Renaissance. This wealth permitted prominent families to support artists, scientists, and also philosophers spurring on new ideas and also artistic movements.FlorenceFlorence is where the Renaissance first began. It was ruled by the an effective Medici family members who supplied their money to support artists such together Leonardo da Vinci and also Michelangelo. One of the early on architectural accomplishments of the Renaissance to be the enormous dome top top the Florence Cathedral. Florence was well-known for that is textile production and a bank center.
MilanIn the early on 1400s Milan was still a Middle eras city focused on war and conquering Florence. However, the Sforza household took end in 1450. They brought peace to the region and with peace came the brand-new ideas and art of the Renaissance. Milan was famed for its metalwork which had suits the armor.VeniceThe island city the Venice had become a an effective city-state through trade v the much East. It imported products such together spices and silk. However, as soon as the footrest Empire dominated Constantinople, Venice"s trade empire started to shrink. Venice controlled the seas around the east shore of Italy and was famed for its creative glassware.RomeThe pope ruled both the Catholic Church and the city-state of Rome. Much of the city that Rome to be re-built under the leadership of Nicholas V beginning in 1447. Rome became a patron the the arts and also supported the Renaissance v commissions to artist such together Raphael and Michelangelo. Michelangelo functioned as architect on St. Peter"s Basilica and also painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.NaplesThe city-state of neapolitan ruled much of southerly Italy at the time of the Renaissance. It was one of the critical city-states to take on the movement, yet in 1443 Alfonso I conquered the city. He supported Renaissance artists, writers, and also philosophers. Naples also became well-known for the music and also is whereby the mandolin was invented. Neapolitan was captured by Spain in 1504.Interesting Facts around the Italian City-States that the RenaissanceThe small city-state of Ferrara was recognized for the music and theatre.The city-state that Urbino was well-known for that is library and also its beautiful ceramics.Most the the civilization who lived in the city-states were craftsmen and merchants. This to be a growing class of society during the Renaissance.Milan, Naples, and also Florence signed a tranquility treaty referred to as the peace of Lodi in 1454. This assisted to establish boundaries and peace for about 30 years.

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