The original Trivial Pursuit classification colors, native the Genus Edition, were as follows:

Arts & literary works – BrownEntertainment – PinkGeography – BlueHistory – YellowScience & Nature – GreenSports & recreation – Orange

Note that Arts & literary works eventually adjusted to purple quite than the initial brown.

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Colors in other Trivial Pursuit Editions

Parker Brothers has actually released much more than 50 different versions of Trivial Pursuit due to the fact that the original Genus edition hit keep shelves in 1981.

Virtually all of those editions have actually maintained the exact same coloring scheme for categories as the original, despite with various categories in every case. Because that instance, the Totally ’80s edition released in 2006 offered the complying with category-color pairings:

Headlines – BlueMovies – YellowMusic – PurpleSports & recreation – GreenTelevision – PinkWild map – Orange

How execute the Trivial Pursuit category Colors Work?

The Trivial Pursuit category colors pass through every component of the game.

Gameplay requires each player relocating their video game piece roughly the board based on dice rolls, attempting to answer inquiries from everything square they land on — those squares are color-coded to complement the game categories.

If a player answers correctly, he gets to roll again. If not, his turn is over.

The thing of the game is to collection all 6 colored wedges, each corresponding to a various category. A wedge earn only as soon as a player properly answers a category question after ~ landing on the “hub” room on the gameboard corresponding to the that category.

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Each category has only one hub space on the board, do it most likely that a to win player will have actually answered many much more than six total questions prior to gameplay concludes.

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