There room two types of nuclear reactions referred to as nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission and blend involve the fragmentation and mix of the elemental nucleus. In the case of atom fission, an atom divides into two or an ext smaller or lighter atoms. Nuclear fusion occurs when two or more atoms sign up with or fuse with each other to kind a huge or a more heavier atom.

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What is nuclear Fission?

Nuclear fission is a atom reaction in i beg your pardon the cell core of one atom is bombarded v low power neutrons which separation the nucleus into smaller nuclei. An plentiful amount of energy is exit in this process. Atom fission reactions are supplied in nuclear strength reactors since it is basic to control and produces big amounts the energy.


When uranium-235 atoms bombard v neutrons, the hefty nucleus the the uranium splits and also produces krypton-94 and also barium-139 v the emissions of 3 neutrons.

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What is atom Fusion?

Nuclear fusion is a reaction that occurs when two atoms combine together to form one or more different atomic nuclei and subatomic particles choose protons and neutrons. An huge amount of power is released in this process, much better than the power released during the atom fission reaction.


Fusion wake up in the sunlight where the atoms of(isotopes the hydrogen, Hydrogen-3, and also Hydrogen-2) Deuterium and Tritium incorporate in a huge pressure atmosphere with incredibly high temperatures to create an calculation in the type of a neutron and also an isotope the Helium. Also, the amount of power released in blend is means greater than the energy created by fission.

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Nuclear Fission vs nuclear Fusion

The table below lists the various differences between nuclear fission and also fusion:

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fusion

When the cell nucleus of an atom splits right into lighter nuclei through a atom reaction the process is termed atom fission.

Nuclear combination is a reaction v which two or more light nuclei collide through each other to form a more heavier nucleus.

When every atom split, a tremendous amount of power is released

The power released during nuclear combination is several times better than the power released during nuclear fusion.

Fission reactions carry out not occur in nature naturally

Fusion reactions take place in stars and also the sun

Little power is necessary to split an atom in a fission reaction

High power is necessary to carry fuse 2 or more atoms together in a fusion reaction

Atomic bomb works on the rule of atom fission

Hydrogen bomb functions on the rule of a nuclear combination bomb.

The table above would have offered you a clean idea about how the 2 terms nuclear fission and blend vary native one another.

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