•Despite rise in available ICD-10 codes because that spine conditions, providers choose a tiny proportion of less details codes.

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Providers prove a predisposition to select less-specific diagnostic codes as soon as available.

Providers should accurately password for spine treatment to benefit from the additional clarity and granularity listed by ICD-10.


The change from International category of Diseases, 9th Edition (ICD-9) to the 10th execution (ICD-10) in 2015 boosted the number and also specificity that diagnostic codes v the goal of facilitating clinical care and also research possibilities.

Considering the potential to default to less specified ICD-10 codes, the present study evaluated the variety of codes used for spine-related conditions prior to versus after ~ the transition to ICD-10.


The number of patients through an table of contents encounter because that a primary spine-related non-deformity diagnosis password indexed as “dorsopathies” were abstracted indigenous the Humana PearlDiver dataset. Together the transition from ICD-9 come ICD-10 arisen in 2015, the present study contrasted the year prior (ICD-9) come the year ~ (ICD-10). The variety of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes to be assessed, and distribution of use was contrasted using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.


In 2014, 848,623 patients were assigned one of the 100 distinct ICD-9 dorsopathy codes, of i beg your pardon 17 password (17% of easily accessible codes) were provided for more than 1% of the patients. In 2016, 840,310 patients were assigned among the 504 distinct ICD-10 dorsopathy codes, of i beg your pardon 21 (4% of obtainable codes) were offered for much more than 1% the the patients. The top 20 password in 2014 (ICD-9) and the top 20 password in 2016 (ICD-10) both represented the bulk of the patient populace and were no statistically differently represented (p = 0.819). Further, evaluation of ICD-10 codes demonstrated a clear predisposition toward utilizing much less specified codes.


Despite a five-fold boost in easily accessible diagnostic codes because that spine conditions in ICD-10, in the year ~ implementation providers continued to pick a tiny proportion that less particular diagnostic codes as soon as treating spine patients.

Given his function as Editor in Chief, Jonathan Grauer, MD had actually no joining in the peer-review that this article and has no access to information concerning its peer-review. Full responsibility because that the editorial procedure for this post was delegated to Tobias Mattei, MD.

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