England Dan & john Ford Coley / YoutubeAre you among the countless who sang the dorn line because that the tune “I’d yes, really Love to check out You Tonight?” rather of saying “I’m not talking around movin’ in,” plenty of misheard the line together “I’m not talking around the linen.” Guilty? don’t worry, you’re no the only one.

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Though the song was tape-recorded in 1976, plenty of radio stations tho play the track up to this day. It has become familiar to the listeners because that over four decades. Hence, its standard rhythm surpassed the music preferences of the generations the came. The song was made well-known by England Dan and also John Coley.

For the record, the track peaked in ~ number 2 top top the Billboard warm 100 graph for two weeks and also landed top top the optimal spot of the Easy Listening chart. Also, for the year 1976, Billboard noted it as the #21 tune of the year.

Written by Parker McGee, the song’s storyline revolves about two world who haven’t seen each other in a long time, and they desire to capture up because that old time’s sake, and also perhaps also start a relationship. Yet a lengthy time meeting isn’t the goal, as referenced by the chorus. The lovers just want to satisfy each other, possibly for just one night.

Reba McEntire and also Jacky Ward covered the tune in 1978 as component of a double-sided single with “Three Sheets in the Wind.” Also, Barry Manilow did fantastic version for her 1996 album, Summer of ’78.

England Dan & john Ford Coley

The 1920’s to be the height time because that the duo Danny Wayland “England Dan” Seals and also John Edward “John Ford” Coley. They released a full of 11 albums and nine singles throughout your collaboration. They put six optimal 40 singles between 1976 and also 1979. Among the song they made renowned were “I’d really Love to watch you Tonight”, “Love Is the Answer,” “Gone too Far”, “Nights room Forever there is no You,” “It’s Sad to Belong,” and We’ll Never need to Say goodbye Again.” The 2 met each various other at W.W. Samuell High college in Dallas, Texas.

The duo disbanded in 1980, and also Seals began performing as Dan Seals focusing on country music. The successfully created 11 No. 1 nation hits that encompass “Meet me in Montana,” and “Bop.” On the various other hand, John Ford Coley continued his career on television shows. That went on tourism in the 1900’s until the 2000’s.

For fans out there who missed the duo, this is a song that will bring back their memories.

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