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Myla from san Diego, CaAwesome i know good hop tune with a hopeful vibe, not favor a the majority of misogynistic rap the was start to be out there. I also love your play top top words and their an imaginative mix of samples. Pure genius.see an ext comments
Walkin" top top The SunSmash Mouth

You wouldn"t know it native the optimistic melody, yet "Walkin" on The Sun" by Smash Mouth is about the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

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Jack & DianeJohn Mellencamp

Jack & Diane began off together an interracial couple; Mellencamp take it race referrals out of the tune at the inquiry of his record company.

exactly how Big, just how Blue, exactly how BeautifulFlorence + the an equipment

The title of Florence + the Machine"s "How Big, how Blue, exactly how Beautiful" was inspired by the Los Angeles skyline.

Dixie ChickenLittle Feat

The Dixie Chicks acquired their surname from the tiny Feat track "Dixie Chicken." In 2020 they ended up being "The Chicks" due to the fact that Dixie describes the American south in time of slavery.

Uptown GirlBilly Joel

Billy Joel"s "Uptown Girl" is about Christie Brinkley, who he married, yet it began as a song about Elle McPherson, that he likewise went out with.

stunner In LoveBeyoncé

Jay-Z go the laboratory on "Crazy In Love" in ~ the critical minute. He and Beyoncé had started dating and also the Texan songstress asked that to gain on the song the night before she had actually to turn in her album.

Barney Hoskyns Explores The Forgotten background Of Woodstock, new YorkSong writing

Our chat v Barney Hoskyns, who covers the wild years of wood storm - the town, no the festival - in his book tiny Town Talk.

Bryan AdamsSongwriter Interviews

What"s the deal with "Summer that "69"? Bryan explains what the tune is yes, really about, and also shares more of his songwriting insights.

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Ian Anderson that Jethro TullSongwriter Interviews

The flautist frontman talks about touring with Led Zeppelin, his contribution to "Hotel California", and also how the may have done the very first MTV Unplugged.

Janis Ian: Married in London, but not in brand-new YorkSong creating

Can you be married in one country however not another? only if you"re component of a happy couple. One of the an initial famous singers to come out as a lesbian, Janis wrote a song about it.

Phil Hurtt ("I"ll it is in Around")Songwriter Interviews

Phil to be a songwriter, producer and voice behind countless Philadelphia spirit classics. As soon as disco hit, he obtained an amazing project: The town People.

Billy Steinberg - "Like A Virgin"They"re play My song

The very first of Billy"s 5 #1 hits was the track that pushed Madonna to stardom. You"d think that would get you a backstage pass, wouldn"t you?