I have always used "have run", however wasn"t sure if "have ran" is agree in modern-day ubraintv-jp.com.

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If it helps, the writer is brothers (I to be American), for this reason not certain if this is a place where social differences come right into play.



It appears to be simply a grammar error as argued by the adhering to sourceand as shown likewise in Ngram

The previous participle is run. I have actually run right into resistance every time i’ve tried to deal with the problem. She has run from she responsibilities.

Regarding the trouble that arises when developing the previous participle, some human being mistakenly usage the previous tense ran instead of the correct past participle run, as in I have ran into resistance every time i have tried to settle this problem or She has ran from she responsibilities.

(I’ve likewise heard some people make the very same mistake when developing a sentence in the past perfect tense, as in I had actually ran lock down prior to they left the office, which must be I had actually run castle down…) execute yourself a favor: operation as much from these constructions together possible—and nothing look back.

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According come Wiktionary "ran" is also:

(nonstandard, dialectal) past participle of run
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