'I dreamed a Dream' is among the standout songs from Les Miserables, the has due to the fact that been perform by numerous artists including Susan Boyle on Britain's acquired Talent.

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The powerful and moving power ballad has actually taken on various meanings over the years, and also here is the fascinating story behind that is creation and legacy.

'I dreamed a Dream' meaning: as soon as is it used in Les Miserables?

The tune is a lament, and also is sung in the musical by the desperate personality Fantine, who has just to be fired native her task at the factory and also thrown top top the streets.

She is thinking back to happier days, and also wonders how every little thing has unable to do wrong in she life.

Who sang 'I dreamy a Dream' first?

In the initial Paris manufacturing from 1980, it to be entitled 'J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie' ('I had dreamed of an additional life'), and was originally sung by climbed Laurens.

The first English-language manufacturing of Les Misérables opened on the West end in London in October 1985, through the role of Fantine illustrated by Patti LuPone. She later on recorded the track on she 1993 album Patti LuPone Live!

When the music made its Broadway debut in new York City in march 1987, Fantine to be played through Randy Graff. Laurie Beechman then performed the role in the initial US touring production in 1988, and also on Broadway in 1990. Debra Byrne sang the track on the Complete Symphonic Recording.

Ruthie Henshall sang it in ~ the Tenth Anniversary Concert Recording in 1995, when the Broadway revival in 2006 featured Daphne Rubin-Vega, Lea Salonga and Judy Kuhn. Salonga sang it because that the 25th Anniversary Concert in London in 2010.

Les Miserables 2012 movie: who sang it in the movie version?

'I dreamed a Dream' was extended again because that the 2012 movie adaption, command by Tom Hooper.

Fantine to be played by anne Hathaway, for which she winner the Academy compensation for ideal Supporting Actress.

The film adjusted the notified of part songs, and this item was swapped around with 'Lovely Ladies', because that dramatic emphasis on Fantine's depression, ~ she had become a prostitute.

The vocals for the track were taped by Hathaway, live top top the set, and later edited together with the music.

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The song got to the peak 30 of the UK Singles Chart.

I dreamed a Dream lyrics:

There to be a time when guys were kindWhen your voices to be softAnd their words invitingThere was a time once love to be blindAnd the people was a songAnd the tune was excitingThere to be a timeThen it every went wrongI dreamed a dream in times unable to do byWhen hope to be high and life precious livingI dreamed, the love would never dieI dreamed that God would certainly be forgivingThen ns was young and unafraidAnd dreams were made and used and wastedThere to be no ransom to it is in paidNo song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at nightWith your voices soft as thunderAs lock tear her hope apartAs they turn your dream come shameHe slept a summer by my sideHe filled mine days with endless wonderHe take it my childhood in his strideBut he to be gone when loss cameAnd still i dream he'll concerned meThat we will certainly live the years togetherBut over there are desires that can not beAnd there space storms we cannot weatherI had actually a dream my life would beSo various from this hell I'm livingSo different now native what it seemedNow life has actually killed the dreamI dreamed