Following HP 940 or HP 940XL squid cartridge installation, her printer/computer may display “Low Ink” or “Empty” messages. Press ‘OK’ come dismiss this prompt and also resume printing. Added alert messages, such together “non-genuine cartridge”, “counterfeit, or “fraud” may likewise be displayed. Push ‘OK’ or ‘Dismiss’ come bypass these prompts. For various other error messages, see below. Refer to vital NOTE at bottom that page about the use of non-genuine/original ink cartridges.

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Usage Tips

NOTE: “Empty” and also “Low Ink” advises are COMPLETELY NORMAL for original/genuine HP 940 & 940XL octopus cartridges which have been refilled! while at an initial this might be an unusual workflow, that does allow print operations to proceed. After refills, the press cannot track the octopus level. The ink level indicator will falsely signal empty.


Continue to publish until the publish quality fades. When the cartridge ‘truly’ is the end of ink the printer will stop printing and also display a ‘replace cartridge’ error article or similar. NOTE: there is a sensor within the base of the cartridge the detects the presence of ink.


If any streaks or lacking colors show up on prints the cartridge may be enduring from an air bubble within the interior ink spout. Initiate a “Clean Printhead” procedure, via the printer regulate panel Setup/Tools or maintenance menu. You may need come activate it 2 or 3 time to reprime the octopus port and PRINTHEAD.


If girlfriend cannot recognize which shade cartridge is empty, publish a test web page via: 1) her printer control panel or 2) via the “Test Prints” switch below.

A faded/missing shade indicates empty.

Test Prints


Cartridge Errors (no to press allowed): 

As the electronic devices in the ink cartridge and the printer connect with each other, periodically the printer will certainly incorrectly recognize an ink cartridge as i could not recognize it or non-functional. Complying with ink refill, if the HP 940 ink cartridge(s) is not originally recognized, then the examine cartridge come printhead connectivity (remove and also reseat the ink cartridges).

If the difficulty persists climate verify the HP 940 clever chip is current (see photo below for correct positioning) and also ensure yellow contacts room thoroughly clean. No octopus residue should be on contacts – clean v lint totally free towel and also isopropyl alcohol together necessary.

Keep a spare collection of ink cartridges, because that convenience. As an in-printer cartridge is depleted, eliminate it for refill. Insert the spare right into the printer and save the refill as the following spare. If you watch an “Expired black ink cartridge”, this error might be bypassed through performing one of two people of the following:

1. Press and HOLD the printer’s ‘Reset/Resume’ switch for five (5) seconds.


2. – Press and also HOLD the power button, press Resume button 3 times, then release the Power button (older HP 8500 models only)

Example above: Non-severe error blog post (can typically be bypassed)

“Alignment Failed” Error:

For ‘Alignment Failed‘ errors and if the internal test print displays banded output (similar to the snapshot shown below) we an initial suggest girlfriend activate numerous ‘Cleaning’ / ‘Clean Printhead’ actions from the Tools/Maintenance menu to check out if this resolves the issue.


If you continue to observe “Printhead lacking or Damaged“, “Alignment Failed” errors or if a print shade is completely missing (even after ~ the squid cartridge is changed with a new one and several ‘Clean Printhead’ procedures have been performed) then carry out the recommended services below.

Need to ‘reboot’ press to publish each project (8500A Plus press models): 

Instead the powering off the press on the next print job attempt, try opening and closing the cartridge access door to see if the publish job deserve to be carry out successfully. If that does, then this will certainly confirm there is a probable cartridge link (‘ordered detection’) problem or a feasible printer driver ‘hand-shaking’ issue.

Verify cartridge to printer connectivity (NOTE: if you have a mix the refilled ink cartridges and also HP manufacturer/original cartridges in the press at the same time, this can sometimes confused the printer firmware from operation correctly).

1. Remove all 4 ink cartridges native printer.

2. Inspect the smart chip contact surface (located in bottom/rear portion of cartridge). If over there is any ink top top the surface of the chip please clean thoroughly using isopropyl alcohol dampened lint-free towel, or similar.

3. Download one cartridge in ~ a time and permit printer to feeling each cartridge, one at a time (i.e. Download cartridge, close door, enable printer to feeling the cartridge, then open door and install the following cartridge, etc.)

4. After installation all 4 ink cartridges, retest printer.

5. If difficulty continues, climate we imply you press and hold the reset switch on the press for 5 seconds…this will certainly reset the cartridge’s smart chip, and also may exactly the current ‘interface’ issue.

6. If the difficulty persists and also a mix of refilled and also HP initial cartridges are figured out to be in the press at the exact same time, climate it is said to either install all refilled cartridges or install every HP initial cartridges come rectify the issue.

Printhead failure Condition: 

If you observe “The complying with Printhead shows up to be missing or Damaged”, “Alignment Failed” or “The following Printhead has a Problem”, climate this kind of difficulty is usually major in nature and is typically caused by fail micro-electronics in ~ either of the two (2) PRINTHEAD assemblies.


Resolving this type of failure typically requires instead of of at least one of the PRINTHEAD assemblies (either the Cyan/Magenta printhead or the Yellow/Black printhead). Squid cartridges at the same time DO NOT generally fail and also may be supplied over and also over until physical damage occurs (i.e. Leaking housing or chip damage).


If girlfriend think the refilled cartridge might be bad, take it it earlier to your refiller and have castle re-check the cartridge.

Recommended Solutions

The contact between the ink cartridge and also the printer need to be clean for ideal functioning. If any type of dirt, octopus or paper dust is top top the contacts, the printer might indicate that the ink cartridge is bad. To ensure a clean contact, monitor the steps below:

Step A: Remove and re-install the cartridge(s)


1. Rotate the press on; open up the cartridge access door.2. Eliminate the suspect cartridge(s) native the station.3. Re-install the cartridges in your stations at left next of printer.


4. Nearby the printer.5. Turn off the press for a couple of seconds and also then rotate it ago on.6. Publish a test page adhering to your printer’s instructions.7. If this does no work, please proceed to action B.

Step B: Re-set the printer

1. If the trouble has no been solved it might be beneficial to perform a “hard reset”. This can correct an digital flag setup inside the printer informing it the the publish cartridge is problematic. Please refer to your printer’s user hand-operated or the manufacturer’s website because that the exactly “hard reset” procedure for her printer. Regularly times it just involves transforming off her printer and also unplugging it for at the very least 30 seconds.2. Publish a test web page to recognize if the difficulty has to be resolved.3. If the difficulty persists, you might need to purchase a new printhead assembly. Refer to Step C.

Step C: If press errors persist or bad print quality cannot it is in corrected, then one of the respective PRINTHEADS could have a connectivity problem (i.e. Dirty electric contacts), may be out of guarantee (at finish of life) or has electrically fail internally and may must be replaced. Remove and inspect doubt PRINTHEAD assembly. It is suggested to describe manufacturer instructions for your press model; the steps listed below are provided for basic guidance only.


NOTE 1: The very first printhead digital assembly is responsible because that Yellow/Black printing, while the 2nd assembly is for Cyan/Magenta printing. To express to video clip which illustrates exactly how the printheads function:

1. Open the height cover to accessibility the printheads. The carriage should relocate to extreme left next of unit . If not, strength off printer, then strength on. Repeat until carriage move to extreme left side.


2. Background the blue printhead latch come gain accessibility to the 2 printheads. Remove and replace with brand-new printhead assembly.


3. Lower the blue latch manage to securely lock the printhead assemblies right into place (ensure the blue latch totally snaps into the locked position).


4. Close the height cover. Allow the alignment web page to print; this will assist confirm if the problem has been fixed.

Printhead Life: 

The Yellow/Black PRINTHEAD or Cyan/Magenta PRINTHEAD will ultimately fail with time with usage and also age.

Possible Printhead Failure? 

Advanced Diagnostics:

To view advanced diagnostics tests for your HP Officejet agree printer model, click here:

HP printer Diagnostics

NOTE 1: A compatible/clone squid cartridge have the right to be problematic as the clever chip (at basic of cartridge) might not provide reliable printer-cartridge connectivity once installed. Compatible/clone squid cartridges are typically purchased on-line or at choose retailers (i.e offered under a different label 보다 the consistent HP cartridge packaging). Because that the ideal refilling experience, only use HP original/genuine squid tanks (HP trademark logo design should be clearly shows on the side/front label of ink cartridge).

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HP 940 Ink series Printer Models: 

HP OfficeJet pro 8000, HP OfficeJet pro 8000 Wireless, HP OfficeJet agree 8500, HP OfficeJet agree 8500A e-A910, HP OfficeJet agree 8500A e-A910g, HP OfficeJet agree 8500 Premier A909n, HP OfficeJet pro 8500A Premium e- All-in-One A910n


If her ink cartridge endured an electronic or physical failure or you space unable to find a refill store close come you may we suggest you shot a remanufactured octopus cartridge from our on-line web site. Our ink cartridges have actually a high integrity rating, come with a 1-year warranty and we provide cost-free shipping for every orders above $20 (USA occupants only). HP 940XL ink cartridges have had your smart chips replaced so octopus level surveillance will it is in available.