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Do you need to plan a date with one Italian friend? Or perform you simply need to confirm the work of your next Italian lesson? probably you’re reading crucial letter or document, however don’t know just how to read days in Italian. You’ll need to be able to talk around time and also dates in Italian to connect on a day-to-day basis.

Days, weeks, months, years. They walk so fast…but don’t worry! you’ll learn how to speak the job of the week in Italian, the month of the year, and also all the various other tricks of the Italian calendar through this basic guide on just how to talk about dates in Italian. You’ll be saying days in Italian and making appointments prior to you recognize it!

Table of Contents

1. How to Write and Read days in Italian


The first step is learning how to write dates in Italian.

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Dates in Italian follow the exact same order the they perform in all European countries: giorno-mese-anno (or “day-month-year” in English). In other words, you begin with the day, then the month, and also you put the year at the end. So, if you writing days in Italian in a letter or filling out a form on February 18, days in Italian style will look like this:

If, instead of writing, you need to know exactly how to say dates in Italian, you review it by including the article: Oggi è il 18 febbraio 2019 (duemila diciannove) which equates to “Today is the 18th that February, 2019.”

Knowing just how to to speak months and also dates in Italian come in handy when you’re request your date of birth. Perform you know exactly how to say that?

Sono nato/a il 3 maggio del 1983. “I was born may 3, 1983.”

Another method of speak it, that course, would certainly be:

Il mio compleanno è il 3 maggio. “My date of birth is might 3.”

Once her birthday comes around, be all set to obtain Tanti auguri! from her friends (literally “Many wishes” in English) or Buon compleanno! (or “Happy birthday!” in English).


Tanti auguri, nonna! (Happy birthday, granma!)

2. Exactly how to to speak the years in Italian

The next essential step in learning how to express dates in Italian is the years. Talking around the year in Italian have the right to be a bit difficult as they’re very big numbers. These space the basics:

In Italian, you have to read the thousands first (1000 = mille), then the hundreds (900 = novecento) and also finally tens and units (99 = novantanove).

Or, for a an ext recent date: duemila diciannove (2019). In this case, there space no hundreds, so we skip directly to the tens and also units.

Do you desire to know much more (big and small) around numbers? inspect out this considerable article!

3. Exactly how to say the months in Italian


To aid you out through your agenda and your birthday schedule, here’s a perform of every Italian months. As you have the right to see, the name of Italian months no too various from the English ones.

I mesi in ItalianoMonths in English

Notice exactly how the surname of the month in Italian don’t should be capitalized, unless they’re at the beginning of a sentence. As in:

Dicembre è un mese freddo, mentre agosto è un mese caldo.“December is a cold month, while respectable is a hot month.”

You might need to practice the joint of few of the Italian months. Giugno (June) and also luglio (July) space the two most challenging ones, together they contain 2 digraphs that you find only in Italian: gl and also gn. You have the right to practice those the following time you setup a summer pilgrimage to the Italian coastline, as those space the perfect month to gain the beaches!


Una bella giornata di giugno al mare (A pretty June day at the beach)

And if you’re composing down the month in Italian, don’t forget the doppie, definition “double consonants,” in gennaio, febbraio, maggio, settembre, and also ottobre (January, February, May, September, and also October). (link come pronunciation)

Maybe it i will not ~ be this year, however every 4 years something an extremely special happens: we have actually an anno bisestile (or “a leap year” in English). This is once February has actually 29 days rather of 28.

4. How to say the Days


In Italian, when we to speak the job of the month, we always use the cardinal number, preceded by the exactly masculine, singular, identify article. For example:

Oggi è il 18 (diciotto) febbraio.“Today is February 18.”

The only exemption is the very first day of the month, as soon as we can likewise use the ordinal number because that “one.”

Il primo maggio è festa. Or L’uno maggio è festa.“May very first is a holiday.”

Notice just how you deserve to say either il primo giugno or il primo di giugno (both an interpretation “June 1” in English).

All other dates of the month in Italian follow the general rule that they’re written and pronounced as cardinal numbers. So, here they go:

l’uno (il primo) 1
il due 2
il tre 3
il quattro 4
il cinque 5
il sei 6
il sette 7
l’otto 8
il nove 9
il dieci 10
l’undici 11
il dodici 12
il tredici 13
il quattordici 14
il quindici 15
il sedici 16
il diciassette 17
il diciotto 18
il diciannove 19
il venti 20
il ventuno 21
il ventidue 22
il ventitré 23
il ventiquattro 24
il venticinque 25
il ventisei 26
il ventisette 27
il ventotto 28
il ventinove 29
il trenta 30
il trentuno 31

If she not sure how many days are in a details month, this is a classic Italian nursery rhyme that you can learn to aid you memorize the job of every month.


Trenta giorni ha novembrecon april, giugno e settembre.Di ventotto ce n’è uno,tutti gli altri ne han trentuno.

“Thirty days has NovemberWith April, June, and also September.Twenty-eight there is simply one,All the others have thirty-one.”

Do you desire to try it?

5. How to speak the days of the Week

Now that you have a great idea of just how to say the dates in Italian, you have to know exactly how to talk around the job of the main in Italian. Prefer the surname of the months, these aren’t capitalized. Here’s a perform of the days of the mainly in Italian:

lunedì Monday
martedì Tuesday
mercoledì Wednesday
giovedì Thursday
venerdì Friday
sabato Saturday
domenica Sunday

Don’t forget the interval on the last ì that the an initial five job of the week. The ending – means “day” (from the Latin word because that “day,” dies), and you deserve to still uncover it in city or in details words such as buondì or mezzodì, rather of buongiorno (good morning) or mezzogiorno (noon).

Monday v Friday are giorni lavorativi (or “weekdays” in English) because they’re the days of the mainly “when world go to work.” psychic that like all the other Italian native that end with one accent, castle invariable, meaning that castle don’t change in the plural. However, sabato and also domenica, which are giorni feriali, meaning “weekends,” have the right to have constant plurals (sabati, domeniche).

For example:

Tutti ns sabati e tutte le domeniche dormo fino a tardi.“All Saturdays and also Sundays ns sleep late.”


Lunedì è il giorno della luna. (Monday is the day of the moon.)

Like all romance languages, which are the languages acquired from Latin, the names of the job of the week in Italian originate from the names of the planets, which consequently come indigenous the name of the ancient gods. This was a device devised through the Greeks and then perfected by the Romans. The good news is that when you find out the job of the main in Italian, you’ll easily master the skies too:

Day that the main Planet/God English equivalent
Lunedì Luna Moon
Martedì Marte Mars
Mercoledì Mercurio Mercury
Giovedì Giove Jupiter
Venerdì Venere Venus

Sabato (Saturday) and also domenica (Sunday) have actually a different spiritual origin, as sabato originates from the Hebrew Sabbath—the job of rest—and domenica method “Day that the Lord.”

6. What would You to speak to fix the day of one Appointment?

Now that you’ve mastered how to say the dates, the days, the months, and the year in Italian, the time to make part plans! nothing is much more fun 보다 meeting with new and old friends, and organizing a night the end or a weekend away.


Ci vediamo sabato every un caffè? (Shall we satisfy on Saturday for a coffee?)

Here space some basic phrases to start doing just that.

Cosa fai il primo marzo? “What are you act on in march first?”
Hai programmi every domenica?“Do you have plans because that Sunday?”
Sei libero/a questo fine settimana?“Are you free this weekend?”
Ci vediamo il dodici alle tre.“Let’s fulfill on the 12th at three.”

7. Must-Know Phrases to Talk about Dates

If you’re traveling or room on vacation, it’s really easy to lose track of the time. Therefore it’s necessary to know just how to questioning “What day is today?” in Italian. There room actually two various ways come tell today’s date:

Oggi è il 25.Oggi ne abbiamo 25.

Both sentences average “Today’s the 25th.”

If you want to ask “What work is today?” you deserve to either ask Che giorno è oggi? or Quanti ne abbiamo oggi? however be aware that if you ask the very first question, you might be answered: è martedì or è il 15 (meaning “It’s Tuesday,” or “It’s the 15th,” respectively). If girlfriend ask the second question, the answer will be an ext precise, and you’ll it is in told the exact day that the month: il 15 (meaning “It’s the 15th” in English).

And perform you know what ne stands for in the sentence Quanti ne abbiamo? it substitutes “of/about + this, these, that, those,” and also refers come the variety of days that have passed in a month.

Other advantageous phrases to ask around dates in Italian are:

Quando/Che giorno inizia il corso?“When/What work does the food start?”
Quando/Che giorno finisce il corso?“When/What work does the course end?”
Di che giorno cade Pasqua?“What work is Easter?”(Literally: “In what work does Easter fall?” translated)

And if you desire to know about somebody’s birthday, there space three various ways of asking “When is your birthday?”:

Quand’è il tuo compleanno?Quando fai il compleanno?Quando compi gli anni?

8. Italian days You must Know


Natale (Christmas)

The most necessary (and best) Italian holidays are usually the ones concerned family and also food. So girlfriend don’t want to miss out on the possibility to endure this following time you travel to Italy. To aid you schedule your following trip, here are the dates you should always keep in mind:

Quest’anno Pasqua cade il 15 aprile.“This year, Easter is April 15th.”

Il Venerdì Santo si mangiano pesce e verdure.“On great Friday, friend eat fish and vegetables.”

Carnevale è sempre 40 giorni prima di Pasqua.“Carnival is always 40 days before Easter.”

Natale è il 25 dicembre.“Christmas is ~ above December 25th.”

And to underline the prominence of family members gatherings because that Christmas, Italians have created this well-known saying: Natale con ns tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi. This means: “Christmas v your family, Easter with whoever friend want.”

There are additionally many other regional holidays the are celebrated only in particular cities or villages. Usually, these space holidays celebrate the patron saint that protects the city.

9. Friend Don’t need to Study Einstein…

… to understand that time is family member to your suggest of view and also to a details moment in time. Talking around time regularly has to execute with something the happened before or the will occur after a specific time.

So, specifically when you require to set up one appointment, make plans, or talk around things that occurred in the past, you require to discover a few more words around time.

Check out this sequence:

-2-10+1+2l’altro ieriierioggidomanidopodomanithe day before yesterdayyesterdaytodaytomorrowthe day after tomorrow

With this words, you’ll be able to express concepts up to 2 days before or ~ today.

But what if you desire to go beyond that? In this case, you’ll have to use fa (ago) or fra/tra (in). By the way, notice how tra and fra are absolutely synonyms!

Tre giorni fa. “Three job ago.”Fra tre giorni. “In 3 days.”

The very same works for weeks, months, years, etc.

Sono tornata un mese fa. “I came ago one month ago.”Vado in Italia fra early settimane. “I take trip to Italy in 2 weeks.”Dove sarai tra 10 anni?“Where will certainly you it is in in 10 years?”

Another loved one term as soon as we talk about time is la vigilia, i m sorry is, in general, the day that precedes critical event, such as a wedding, crucial exam, a very huge holiday, etc.

La vigilia di Natale è il giorno che precede il Natale.“Christmas eve is the night prior to Christmas.”

Dormo sempre poco alla vigilia degli esami.

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“I constantly get small sleep the day prior to the exams.”

La sposa è scappata alla vigilia delle nozze.“The bride ran away the day prior to the wedding.”

10. Conclusion: exactly how ubraintv-jp.com Can help You grasp Italian

Cosa fai oggi? (What is your plan today?)

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Learning a language isn’t easy, but your tough work and determination, merged with our continuous support, ensures that you can master Italian prior to you understand it!

Before you go, let’s practice. Exactly how are days written in Italian? create today’s day in the comments section.