If you want to check what pictures your friend or household like ~ above FB, then here is our guide on “how to check out what someone likes top top Facebook.” store reading and also get acquainted through what her boyfriend or ex likes top top Facebook.

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Being launched on 26th September 2006 by mark Zuckerberg, facebook is among the most popular social media platforms. In simply three years of its launch, Facebook achieved a milestone with 350m registered users and also 132m distinct monthly users. After ~ achieving this milestone it came to be the most well-known social media communication in the year 2009.

Since that launch, Facebook has been improving its UI ~ above a slow pace. It has actually never revamped that is user interface as whole but the has always maintained and constantly boosted its interface over time. In 2009, the many used function “like” was introduced by Facebook.

This attribute made it basic for the users to celebrate their friendships and also other relationships with a thumbs up. Later on in February 2016, facebook rolled out the reactions function for customers all roughly the world. These emotions to be rolled after substantial testing and also this has proved to it is in an remarkable improvement.

In the ahead years, you could have liked and forgot about the posts and also pictures on Facebook yet thanks come Facebook’s graph search. It enables you to check out all the photos preferred by you, your friends and public numbers over the time.

Using this function you can quickly spy on her boyfriend or ex. It offers you a complete detail of articles liked by a user (from her friend list) end the years. Let’s examine how exactly it works. Save reading!

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How to check out what pictures and also posts someone likes on Facebook?

How to watch what pictures and also posts who likes top top Facebook?


To check what images someone likes on Facebook, firstly open up Facebook application on her device. Then, login to her profile if you are not already logged in. Tap ~ above the magnifying glass icon and also type, ‘posts preferred by’ followed by the name of human being you want to spy on.

Make sure that you have actually spelled the name exactly as it shows up on Facebook. If you want to view only photos instead that posts, climate you can simply type ‘photos favored by’ followed by facebook name of the person.

Once friend hit the enter button, you will certainly witness the photos or articles liked by that certain person. Come see much more results you have the right to tap on the ‘see all’ choice in the bottom.

One thing that you should remember is the if the person has liked a (friend’s only) photo of a user, climate you could not be able to see the photo. You may additionally not have the ability to see pictures posted by civilization who have limited you on their posts.

You can additionally know about the pages her friends have actually liked. Come witness it, find for the username in the find bar. Next, open up their profile and then look because that ‘More’ option in the food selection at the top of the page. Now tap on the alternative “Likes” indigenous this list, you will witness every the pages that person has liked, uneven they have actually made this part of your profile private.

This trick can additionally be offered to watch the likes that celebrities and also public figures as well. It additionally works if you desire to check the image you have actually liked over the years. Just type “Photos preferred by me” in the search bar and check every the pictures and also posts the you have liked over time.

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Final Words

Though the is no a perfect hack, together you cannot watch the pictures of people you are not friend with, still it is a funny jaunt come go with ones old memories.

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