I desire to have the ability to use an ext weapons in Team Fortress 2. I am trying to find gameplay features of claimed weapons, not pure cosmetics.

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How can I acquire weapons the I at this time don’t have? The official Wiki explains all the methods in detail, but doesn"t yes, really compare them, and it might not it is in that noticeable which method is better.



There are numerous ways that getting new weapons. : the most efficient is trading with other players, run to "Trading" if you desire to conserve time.

Achievement milestones

Some really potent course weapons one can get by obtaining 5, 11, and also 17, or 10, 16 and also 22 class-related achievements, the number depends on the class, every milestone offering a course weapon. The weapons will be usable in crafting, but not tradable.

Without some of those weapons, playing Team Fortress 2 can be hard and also unpleasurable, however you will get them certain if you simply play the class normally.

Random drops

While play the game, every 30 to 70 minutes (random, mean 50 minutes) you space guaranteed to find one item, commonly a weapon. You need to click to expropriate the item before you can get a new one, for this reason idling because that a lengthy time fixed helps, and also no more than 10 hrs per week every account count (average maximum of 12 weapons per week).

This is a steady way of getting new weapons, but you will discover a lot of duplicates, and also it really, yes, really takes time.

Anyway, players gathered a lot of arbitrarily drops since they had actually been applied in the Sniper vs. Spy Update earlier on might 21 in 2009, and it renders most means of obtaining weapons besides trading no much longer worth it. Again, review below.

Play MvM on official servers

For a brand-new player, Mann vs. Machine mode is a an excellent way to polish some skills, and you also get random drops as you execute in a typical game. You might play on neighborhood on official servers — in the last case, you have to pay money because that each video game you complete, having a tourism of Duty Ticket in her inventory. Once you success a mission, you space guaranteed to get one arbitrarily item, and one ticket will be consumed. A ticket expenses ~$1. Each player may likewise present a Squad surplus Voucher, which prices ~$2 and gives secondary random autumn to every party member. If you are playing in a party the 6 friend (which is much more fun 보다 playing with random guys IMO), and also each that you gift a Squad excess Voucher, then each of you gets 7 random drops for $3, or each item every $0.43. That deserve to be fast, but not really an effective way of investing money in TF2.

Keep in mind, though, that you have a opportunity to gain unusual items that are worth more than typical weapons, so that doesn’t mean that you do not do it play MvM to grind items.

With plenty of attempts and trading, you might actually win an ext than friend invest, however I didn"t do the math, so at this time I advise against this method.

Opening crates

To open a crate, you have to buy a Key, which costs $2.50. Friend can acquire some pretty exceptional stuff from a crate, yet it will certainly take a long time and also a many keys and crates to gain the tools you need. Don’t execute it unless you room willing to invest some keys and also then trade things that you get. Actually, buying tricks to open up crates is akin to gambling.

Plus, friend will likely lose the competition to scammers that buy secrets using stolen credit cards for money laundering...

Buying weapons directly from the Mann Co. Store

Yes, you deserve to buy them directly away: if you check out an article around any weapon in the game, friend will notification that yes sir a price for many of them. But that’s very, very ineffective money-wise. Don’t carry out that -- ns was silly enough to do it multiple times in the past, and also I might get a lot an ext for the money.

Take a weapon from the store for a test run

Instead of buying a weapon, girlfriend can always choose a test run and get one single weapon for 7 days. The item will be non-craftable and non-tradable, and also you deserve to only have actually one item for a test operation at a time. As soon as those 7 job end, the item fades, and also you may select a brand-new one for a test run, probably even the same item. However, you cannot select an additional weapon till the end of your current test run.

This is a an excellent way of actually trying something out and/or compensating for not having an item. It was even much better back in the day as soon as a check run size was 2 days...


By salvaging duplicate weapons, you might obtain brand-new ones. However, that’s not the many effective method of gaining rid the duplicates, review below around trading. The point is that the expenses of crafting many weapons are greater than what they space actually worth. Items that room worth do exist, but they are not standard weapons, lock are largely cosmetics.

The expense of crafting a new weapon is approximately 37 conventional weps, and in many cases, it’s about 7-13. Trading is much much more effective.


You may exchange various items with other players.

Ask a other veteran player because that help

If you have a friend who plays TF2 for long, they most likely have a the majority of duplicate items in their inventory the aren’t yes, really needed. You may ask your buddy to give you some for free.

Exchange 1:1 with your friends

If you have actually friends that play TF2 and also don"t have actually all the weapons yet, you deserve to exchange duplicate or otherwise unneeded items. You might expect a 1:1 ratio, and it’s good.

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Use a commerce website to trade weapons 2:1 or one scrap steel per weapon

By smelting 2 course weapons, friend may gain 1 scrap steel for further use in crafting.If you go to a trading website, friend will view plenty of supplies to trade two of your craftable tools or 1 piece of scrap metal for any type of of the trader’s weapons. Your advantage is obtaining the preferred weapon, trader’s advantage is getting much more scrap steel for crafting hats.3 piece of scrap metal form 1 piece of reclaimed metal, and also 3 units of reclaimed metal have the right to be turned right into 1 piece of sleek metal.

You can find much more information about trading and also finding profession partners in a related inquiry "How execute I determine what my TF2 items are worth?", particularly in the accepted answer by