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Help!I very own a john Deere D130 speak mower. The mower blade belt requirements adjusting however I can’t uncover any way to perform it. The parentheses on the deck i m sorry holds the cable go not have adjustment screws favor all the diagrams and also videos show. The bracket on mine mower deck is welded solid. Also the diagram in my operator’s hand-operated shows a snapshot of the bracket with no screws. The hands-on mentions the possible need because that belt adjustment, but doesn’t speak how. Can anyone help?Sgt. Mac

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Unless the belt is slipping that shouldn"t need adjustment. Some solution with a solved mounting allude normally have an flexible cable. This is a lengthy threaded ar at one end with some jam nuts. Note my old 2005 L108 through a 42" deck had actually the very same adjuster together pictured.
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The old format cable parentheses that had 2 slotted holes has been replaced by a welded on non flexible bracket. So.. Over there is no adjustment. The belt is not claimed to be banjo wire tight. The deck must start to connect with the handle around 1/2 way. If that starts come engage additional towards the end of that is stroke climate the belt is worn and also stretched.Sent from my LGL52VL using Tapatalk
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Same issue! called the dealer and also found belt dimension as if mowing the deck belt ripped off and also ripped in half. Changed it v a brand brand-new deck belt part number and also size indigenous the dealer and also it’s still slipped off when ee
Sgt Mac, did girlfriend ever uncover out just how to adjust. I have the exact same issue and have not discovered a means to tighten the tensioner. Once my deck is raised, the belt engages well. After 20 minutes or so, ns have issues with the knives slipping or preventing as the belt heats up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
GX20168 is the old format bracket should you wish to zip the finish of the old one off, bolt this one on and make that adjustable. Or zip the whole thing off and cut part slots in the old bracket. Or change the belt.
GX20168 is the old style bracket need to you great to zip the end of the old one off, bolt this one on and also make it adjustable. Or zip the totality thing off and cut part slots in the old bracket. Or replace the belt.
That to be the first thing i did. When the belt was changed it automatically did the same thing. Ns even contrasted the lengths of the belts simply to be sure. They room of same lengths.
I favor Deere equipment, yet to take it something that works and make it non adjustable was a boneheaded idea. The very same with the loop on the end sized feather you acquire to wrestle out. And then castle redeemed themselves with the easy change oil filter.....Sometimes you deserve to unscrew the finish on a manage cable a few turns to effectively get more tension, yet I"ve not had actually luck on these. Style a spacer clip for the little bracket, do a million...

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Did anyone figure it out?My john Deere D130 doesn"t have a cable bracket that is held in ar by bolts, the clip is welded come the deck and also is no adjustable. I had to replace belt and it is an extremely loose. How do I change tension through this collection up. The JD hands-on only addresses mowers with move able brackets. Thanks!
I have the E120 42” just 11hrs and also the belt broke.....genius designers made the plastic cover for the pulley host the belt top top the pulley and it’s all eaten up already! brand-new belt and also it’s so loosened I deserve to slide it turn off the former pulley, and also no adjustment...I’m going come make part brackets to store belt on and also a bracket because that the cable so i can change it. $2k and also I gotta redesign the dam thing!! My last JD mower lasted 18 years and also this brand-new one it s long 11 months and also problems already.....JD better shape up, any more problems and also I will get one indigenous China LOL
OK- THIS IS going TO it is in A long ONE-PATIENCE IS WORN OUT!I likewise have the wonderfully engineered D130 42" mower deck and also see over there hasn"t to be any activity on this post since last mowing season. Perhaps the last write-up from Maileboy 8 months ago where that was mentioned JD much better shape increase or he would buy something do In China is what the did due to the fact that they haven"t shaped up. Going earlier to the original Sgt. Mac post and also looking through all of the comments-some room out the context and irrelevant (pictures that old models through 2 screws and also adjustments-obviously would have never been a post it if still had this set-up that a 5th grader or younger can figure out.) but most comments merely state the this has been problematic and this thing is a belt-eater and will leave you in the high grass wondering why you ever before went green.So the version we"re talking about here has just an l bracket welded stationary in one ar with no means to relocate it back or soon to adjust and it"s a garbage of time to think anything short of editing this yourself v re-engineering and also fabrication the other methods is ever before going come change. The is what that is and also we own it.This POS walk not have actually an adjustment integrated from the factory and also you don"t check out anyone from man Deere jumping in below to shot to help. Figure it the end yourself-reminds me that Microsoft. Hey JD deserve to stop supporting it like MS did windows 7(actually JD never ever did together I referred to as them straight 4 times) and you have the right to just toss it and buy a brand-new one-wow that would really boost sales!After 30 couple hours ~ above a new machine, i started having actually trouble v the belt so confirm all materials which were next to new and OK and so just bit the $40 bullet and bought one more belt. And then another. And also another! I finally hired a lawn company to take over because that a while figuring to reduced (no pun intended) my losses. What i paid because that this mower and parts and all of my time I can have gained lawn company for nearly 2 mowing seasons and also kicked earlier and played with the grandkids and drank cold lemonade in the shade!You know the old saying "they don"t do them favor they offered to" is sometimes really true and a an excellent thing. Plenty of times it is not. In this paper definition the welded on bracket with no convey screws would be one the we would hope" lock don"t do them choose that anymore saying " would organize true. Please don"t do them favor this anymore. Well they perform still make them favor this! Hey, I referred to as John Deere custom service and also wasted a fifty percent a work going back and forth as soon as they finally asked me "What carry out you desire John Deere to do around this?" i told lock I simply wanted to have them provide something the was engineered properly and not it is in blown off as soon as trying to find a solution. On the last phone speak to they said that I reduced off the bracket and put part holes in it and the deck and also go buy part bolts. I recurring myself because that the 10th time the this point was tho under warranty, only 30 hours on that with just a fifty percent a season on it and was in like new perfect problem being garage kept and babied since birth. Really, reverse engineer other under warranty the is just a couple of months old? The regional JD dealer salesman said me the you really need to jump approximately the $7000 version at the very least to get something good. Come on-I have actually a perfect level sod rolled much less than 1 acre yard. I think around the past once I had 7 acres to mow and also we offered an old 1950"s version 15 hp antique that you could readjust the belt and just maintained on cutting and also replaced belts due to the fact that they had actually just rotate so many million times and had normal wear and tear. No castle don"t do them favor they supplied to.We shouldn"t have to modify a brand-new mower and also a warranty should average something and also include defects in design. YOU men AREN"T stupid OR shedding YOUR MINDS-THIS IS clearly A huge MANUFACTURING BLUNDER.We construct drag cars, run and also repair heavy equipment and are no idiots and an ext than qualified of fixing this and also modifying this belt eating item of junk, yet will not out that principle. The engine will certainly be removed, repurposed and also the rest of this junk is going right into the crusher. Many world are feeling this means about countless of their various other products and services and are leaving this brand in droves if both advertisement construction and also agriculture. I DON"T have THE heart OR CONSCIENCE come SHINE THIS point UP v A brand-new BELT and also SELL IT come SOME various other UNFORTUATE !$#*&^%$# ns do understand of someone who bought a whole new deck due to the fact that of every the nickel and diming at simply 100 hours. Assumption: v what happened.Thanks because that nothing man Deere and thanks for wasting a pair grand of my money.