There space a couple of ways to know if you space a Sexy Lady. First, friend should be able to sit under in a skirt through a thigh-high cleft without mirroring off her giblets. Friend should likewise have a beauty mark on her cheek, which ns think is the same thing as a mole yet maybe an ext circular? most importantly, girlfriend should be able to tie a cherry stem v your tongue, i beg your pardon is a primo method to communicate your awesome French kissing skills.

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I can do no one of this things. Ns don’t own any kind of skirts with thigh-high slits, although ns did just buy a brand-new pair that shorteralls native the town Discount. I have a tiny mole on my cheek, but it’s shaped favor Morocco, so i don’t think ns can contact it a beauty beauty mark. And I certainly can’t tie a cherry stem v my tongue, despite the truth that I as soon as won the nacho-cheese-snarfing challenge at church camp. However that’s no for lack of trying. Ever since I observed Audrey Horne neatly tie a maraschino stem while applying for a task at One Eyed Jack’s ~ above Twin Peaks, i knew the the ol’ cherry stem trick was the can be fried hallmark that a Sexy Lady. And so, in an earnest attempt to sign up with the nation’s sexy ranks, I decided to try and teach myself to tie a cherry stem through my tongue.

First, I essential to know: is tie a cherry stem through your tongue physically possible? Or was it just an additional myth perpetuated by Sexy Lady Media, favor jogging in panty water tap or staring intensely at a romantic possibility without creeping castle out?


The New York Times reports the it’s entirely possible. Situation in point: Al Gliniecki, that as of 2017 held three Guinness world Records for most cherry trunk knotted making use of the tongue (14 in one minute, 39 in three minutes and 911 in one hour).

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Gliniecki recommended utilizing longer and also thinner stems, preferably maraschino cherry stems over fresh ones, as the sugary syrup help soften the stems. He additionally recommended keeping the stems at room temperature for this reason they’re much less stiff.