If friend have small hands, walk that typical that you cannot excel in ~ throwing a football?

Not necessarily. Back quarterbacks typically are really tall and big-handed, friend could come to be really an excellent at football – at least recreationally.

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In this guide, i’m going to teach you exactly how to throw a football with small hands. Hopefully, through the end of this post, you will certainly have identified ways to make her football throwing game better!

No issue the hand size, there space 3 an essential components come a effective football litter – grip, stance, and the throw itself. Let’s currently take a look at each of these components more in-depth.

If you have tiny hands, gripping the round is what you room going to battle with the most.

The textbook football tight is as follows:

Place her ring finger top top the second lace the the ball. The finger should be placed on the lace at the 2nd knuckle.Your table of contents finger need to be inserted just end the stitch line. Place her pinky under the lace.Position your ignorance on the other side the the sphere just below the index finger.Make certain that there is space between your palm and the football.

DICK’s Sporting goods has a wonderful video guide showing just how to correctly hold a football. Examine it out if you desire a an ext visual explanation.


This is exactly how football players are taught to host the ball. But needless to say, small-handed world are walk to struggle to attain a textbook-perfect grip.

Does your inability to perfectly grip the ball median that you can’t excel in ~ throwing?

Well, not exactly – there space some things that you may shot to mitigate the issue:

Pick a smaller ball. If you room playing recreationally, climate you should just switch come a smaller ball. This will make it way easier for you to grip and also throw it. If you space playing professionally though, this i will not ~ be an choice for you (though if girlfriend have small hands, you most likely aren’t play in a professional team).Play roughly with her grip. Although over there is a “proper” method to fixed a football, you may play roughly with her grip to discover what’s comfortable because that you. People have differently sized palms and fingers, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.Grip the round closer come the top. Among other things, you should also shot to fixed the soccer closer to the top where that is narrower. This might be just what you need to acquire a great grip ~ above the ball.

But no issue what, make certain that you have at the very least one finger top top the laces to enhance grip and control.

You should probably perform a good number of litter with different grips to determine what works best for you.

Don’t problem too much if you nothing seem to be able to find the appropriate ball tight for quite some time. Also players with large hands struggle to find something 100% perfect because that them. Despite needless to say, you are most most likely going to battle a bit more to discover a great grip with little hands.

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I imply that you furthermore have a look in ~ this video clip showing just how NFL quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Russell Wilson hold the football.