Given a number, the job is to find if the number is divisible through 9 or not. The entry number might be huge and it may not be feasible to store also if we use lengthy long int.Examples:Input : n = 69354Output : YesInput : n = 234567876799333Output : NoInput : n = 3635883959606670431112222Output : No
Since entry number might be very large, us cannot usage n % 9 to inspect if a number is divisible by 9 or not, particularly in languages choose C/C++. The idea is based on following fact.A number is divisible by 9 if sum of its number is divisible by 9.

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Illustration:For instance n = 9432Sum of digits = 9 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 18Since amount is divisible through 9,answer is Yes.How does this work?

Let us take into consideration 1332, we can write it as1332 = 1*1000 + 3*100 + 3*10 + 2The proof is based upon below observation:Remainder the 10i divided by 9 is 1So strength of 10 just results in remainder 1 when split by 9.Remainder of "1*1000 + 3*100 + 3*10 + 2"divided by 9 deserve to be written as : 1*1 + 3*1 + 3*1 + 2 = 9The over expression is basically sum ofall digits.Since 9 is divisible by 9, prize is yes.Below is the implementation of above idea.

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