Parrots space an exciting neutral crowd that deserve to be discovered in Minecraft. They deserve to actually be pretty useful, since they will imitate the sound the a hostile opponent that is nearby. This can additionally perch on her shoulder, which is a fun thing to run around with in game! We"ll present you the exact steps you need to take to tame a parrot in this tutorial.

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Parrots were presented in the 1.12 variation of the game, for this reason they are available for 1.13, 1.14, and also 1.16! You have the right to tame lock in every platform of the game, consisting of PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Java, bag Edition (PE/Mobile), iPad, Bedrock, and Nintendo move editions!

Taming a Parrot Step-by-Step Guide

Time needed:10 minutes.

To tame a parrot, you require to obtain any type of seeds, and then you will then need to find a Jungle biome to situate the bird. As soon as you find a Parrot, pull out your seeds, and feed it till you see the hearts over its head which average you"ve tamed it!

Get Seeds

The an initial thing you must do is obtain some seeds. You deserve to obtain any kind the seeds, but the most basic to acquire are wheat seed. You just need to punch any kind of growing grass around you. If friend don"t have accessibility to grass, climate you you deserve to use melon, pumpkin, and also beetroot seeds as well.


Find a jungle Biome

This is the step where things can get tricky. Tropical biomes aren"t constantly readily available, so you could need to search around quite a bit. If girlfriend don"t mind making use of commands, you deserve to use "/locatebiome jungle" to find the closest one. The doesn"t have to be a bamboo jungle, i beg your pardon is a rarer offshoot that the jungle biome.

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Find the Parrot

Once you find the jungle, you"ll require to uncover the parrots. Castle aren"t super common, however they do standout quite well against the tropical trees. They have the right to come in five various colors: red, blue, green, cyan, and also gray.


Tame the Parrot

Once you uncover a parrot, put the seed in her hand and interact with the bird! when you provide them sufficient seeds they will certainly eventually come to be tame and also follow girlfriend around! If you walk with the bird they will certainly land on your shoulder!


The cool thing around parrots is that they will imitate sound of enemy or neutral mobs that gain close come you. It"s a nice method to be warned once a creeper is around to sneak increase on you! A parrot will also dance if castle are close to a jukebox v a music disc inside! The one bummer about these birds is the they can"t it is in bred. So, make sure you don"t accidentally gain them killed or girlfriend will should go tame one more one!

How perform you get a parrot off your shoulder?

The typical method to get a parrot turn off of her shoulder is to simply jump. If this doesn"t work, shot jumping or dropping turn off of a block or 2 to dislodge them!