Whether you hatch your very own chicks the end or buy part day-olds indigenous Spade & Feather, this rapid guide will help you through elevating quail chicks.

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The Incubator

Once hatched, quail chicks have to remain in the incubator until dry. They have the right to happily make it through without food or water in the incubator for approximately 48hrs. The is best to leave your chicks for the maximum lot of time to enable for their siblings come hatch. Every time you open up your incubator to eliminate dry chicks, you are risking all of the various other unhatched chicks. The suddenly drop in temperature and humidity from opened the incubator deserve to kill unhatched chicks.

The Brooder

Quail chicks will certainly live the an initial part of their lives in a brooder. A brooder is no the very same as an incubator. A brooder is a container that provides protection from predators, drafts and rain. Using a large rubbermaid tote with a flat bottom is appropriate for brooding. The carry walls stop drafts and stop the chicken from straying. These plastic containers are also easy come clean. Broods need to be preserved indoors in a barn or home in one area free of drafts.

The Brooder Floor

Quail chicks cannot be placed directly on the plastic bottom that the brooder. Quails need something to grip otherwise they will construct splayed legs which will eventually lead come death. Splayed foot is a condition where the legs of a chick harden and develop in a position comparable to the splits. The chick"s mobility will decrease and also it will certainly no longer have the ability to feeder and drink. To stop splayed legs, we recommend put shelf liner in the bottom that the brooder. It need to be reduced to size and also lie level on the floor. Paper towels can likewise be offered on peak of the shelf liner to help absorb moisture. After ~ 5 days, pine tree shavings can be included to the brooder. Never ever use cedar shavings as the dust can cause respiratory troubles in poultry. The brooder floor should be cleaned often. All soiled shavings or paper towel must be changed.


The Feed

Quail chicks need 24 hour access to food specifically made for their nutritional needs. Carry out no feeding them cat food, dog food, seed or grasses. The ideal feed because that a quail chick is a non-medicated starter crumb the 24% protein or higher. This is available at feeding stores in 25kg bags or at Spade & Feather in smaller much more manageable quantities here. Because that the first few days, chicks will battle to eat native a feeder so it"s ideal to sprinkle feed on a record towel in the bottom of the brooder. The chicks will create quite a mess through the feed and also tend come fling it everywhere. Remove any type of food the gets damp as it will construct mould and also attract flies.


Quail chicks room a many cuter than they are smart. They have actually a propensity to drown or soak us through when open water containers room used. Only Quail sprinkler Bases must be used. This waterers avoid drowning and are an easy to use. The basic screws ~ above a Poultry Jar and water should be refreshed double a day.


Chicks require 24 hour access to water. To stop bacteria from forming in the water, we recommend 1 tablespoon of apologize cider vinegar come be blended in to every litre of water.


Quail chicks have to be kept warmth 24 hrs a day. In the first week, chicks need to be kept at 95°F. Every main the temperature have the right to be reduced by 5°F (see graph below).

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Week 1: 95°F (35ºC)Week 2: 90°F (32ºC) main 3: 85°F (29ºC) main 4: 80°F (26ºC) main 5: 75°F (24ºC)

The easiest means to store chicks warmth is by using a heat lamp. The lamp must be positioned to focus the warm on one end of the brooder to permit the chicks to escape the warmth if they begin to overheat. The is an extremely important come use specific thermometer to monitor the precise temperature in the brooder. If you find your chicks are huddling together under the lamp, they room too cold and the lamp should be relocated closer. If you discover your chicken are staying clear of the warmth area of the brooder, the lamp need to be moved more away.

If you monitor the information above, put in the time and also care, your quail will flourish healthy and happy!