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There are essentially 7 various methods that deserve to be used to begin locs. The best an approach for you depends considerably on the mix of your hair texture, hair length, and also desired end result/size. I desire to be very clear that every hair structure can form “locs” v time, patience, and proper care. The commonality of each an approach is that the hair will certainly go with the phases that locking, but the distinction is how they will certainly look throughout the evolution.

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The 7 methods to start Locs

1. Starting Locs v Two Strand Twists

Locs have the right to be started with 2 strand twists with as small as 4 customs of hair, and also it is frequently the walk to technique for much longer hair or very textured hair. Beginning locs with two strand twisted will provide the locs a solid internal structure and develop thicker locs, depending on the size of the two-strand twists.

Drawbacks:The currently of the two strand twists can take 6 month – 2 years to totally disappear and also produce the illustration of solid locs.

What come expect:In the beginning, her twists might unravel at the ends, so it is crucial to always maintain the locs from source to ends. Locs that space started through two strand twists deserve to use palm roll or comb twisting for maintenance.

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2. Beginning Locs v Braids / PlaitsLocs have the right to be began with braids / plaits through at the very least 5 inch of hair of any type of texture. Braid Locs, as they’re called, are ideal for individuals that sweat a lot in their scalp or the wish to keep their locs v interlocking.

Drawbacks:The braided sample in the hair have the right to take at least 1 year to disappear, and with much longer hair the pattern may never fully disappear. Also, store in mind, because the braiding sample produces much more of a straight aesthetic the result locs might be flat in appearance fairly than circular.

What to expect:In the beginning, your braids may unravel at the ends. You have the right to remedy this by styling your locs after ~ a maintain session or through threading the ends. Locs that room started with braids / plaits have the right to use palm rolling or interlocking because that maintenance.

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3. Beginning Locs through Comb Coils

To start locs through comb coils, you just need about 2-3 inch of hair (depending top top your wanted end result) and they can be done on any type of texture of hair. This an approach utilizes a comb to create uniform coils around your head, i beg your pardon are frequently the walk to an approach for pencil-sized classic locs.

Drawbacks:While shorter lengths will lock fairly quickly with this method, beginning locs through comb coils on longer lengths that hair will take longer to lock because the within of the comb coil is hollow and the coil has to mesh with each other internally an initial to begin loc’ing.

What to Expect:Comb coils deserve to be perceptible to water v soft structure so you desire to be sure to just wet them when you’re shampooing lock to prevent them from coming undone. As soon as the ends are sealed and also there is a bud on the end, this technique “looks choose locs” the quickest.

4. BackcombingThis method is frequently used among Caucasians, or people with normally straight hair, since it requires teasing the hairs to “create” an interior intertwining that hairs, then palm rolling it into the form of a loc. Ns personally biased towards backcombing since that’s exactly how I started my current set of locs and also it settled perfectly because that my soft, fine hair texture.

Drawbacks:If girlfriend don’t keep the locs correctly in the beginning you can have “blow-outs” or budding on the column of the locs instead of the ends.

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What to Expect:Backcombing gives you “instant locs” that are easy to preserve using the palm-rolling or comb twisting methods.