Studying English words and their spellings deserve to be confusing. One instance is the word “niece,” which part misspell “neice.” If friend are having actually trouble v this word, our guide clears the spelling confusion.

Niece Meaning: What Is It?

Did your sibling offer birth to a healthy baby girl? Congratulations! friend now have a “niece” the will call you aunt (or uncle).

The noun “niece” describes the female child of a person’s brothers or sister. English language speakers started to usage it about the 14th century. Contemporary French speaker use the word “nièce,” which has the exact same meaning.

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Before the fostering of “niece” in England, Old English speakers provided “nift,” “broðordohter” and “nefene.” these words refer to a person’s granddaughter or any distant woman relative. Similar to many English words, you deserve to trace the word’s root to Latin, “neptia.”

English speakers additionally use the hatchet “grandniece” to explain the daughter the a person’s nephew in the same method they usage “grand” to describe the parental of a person’s parent. The adjective “grand” additionally comes indigenous France.

In Old English, people alternatively used words “great-niece.” You might hear or watch either word with modern-day English, particularly in the unified States, whereby “grandniece” ultimately grew in popularity.

Using nephew in a Sentence

Although discovering the meaning of niece can aid you recognize its origin and also spelling, you likewise need to review the suitable use in sentences prior to you add it to your day-to-day conversations and writings so that you don’t misuse it. The following 5 sentences show how to usage it.


Rebecca spent virtually a fifty percent hour in the store’s card aisle looking for the perfect birthday map for her favourite niece. Jacob loves his three-year-old grandniece so much that the bought she a dozen engineering kits to bite his niece’s love for building stuff. In ~ the barbecue, Angela told she friend that the two women standing beside the pool, her niece and great-niece, live two states over. They traveled lengthy distance to invest time v family.Martin never ever knew his family. After that bought their old home, he discovered that someone had actually painted a household tree diagram v branches and roots top top the wall. He learned the day that he had more than a dozen nieces and also nephews.At the start of summer, Melinda invite her great-niece, the daughter of she nephew, to continue to be with her for a couple of weeks.

Neice or Niece: just how to assignment Niece?


Many English language speakers ask, “What is the an interpretation of neice?” or “Is that “neice or niece?”

When you have to spell niece, keep in mind that the word has actually only 2 spellings that might appear in English. You might see it as “niece” or “nièce.”

Never use any kind of other sport such together “neice,” “nece,” “neece” or “niese” since they space misspellings.

Spelling errors generally occur since people expect to assignment “niece” the same way it sounds. Yet, French language speakers frequently use “ie” to do the long “e” sound rather of using a single “e” or twin “ee.” friend can also find “niece” spelled as “nēs,” which causes even an ext confusion in a together guide. Always use “niece” or “nièce.”

Trick come Remembering the Spelling

You can discover tips digital to assist you through the nephew spelling, but many of this methods deserve to cause an ext confusion.

For example, someone can recommend that you say come yourself, “Always usage I prior to E other than after C.” This guideline works great with “niece” since the preeminence matches the assignment perfectly. That doesn’t occupational with countless other English words, such as “seize,” and also many exception exist.

Instead, say come yourself, “My nephew is a quite person.” Although they sound differently, niece and also nice begin the exact same way.

You can likewise remember: “My niece got hold of the last piece of pizza.” Niece and also piece sound the same, which way I order both through IE.

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If friend accidentally misspell “niece” together “neice,” you don’t have to beat you yourself up. That takes repeated appropriate usage to appropriately spell it (or any kind of word for the matter). Plus, you’re no the just one make the wrong – this word causes problems for many natural speakers. Hopefully, our spelling guide and handy top will aid you avoid using the misspell version from now on.

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