Learn just how to present yourself or present one to another in American Deaf culture and just how to fingerspell personal names for ASL beginners in American manual alphabet.

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Introducing one"s name

There are various versions of introducing your name. The most typical phrase is:

Gloss: HELLO, IX-me surname

This phrase is a common phrase in a officially register. In casual or informal setting, one may simply authorize IX-me , omitting the NAME. In English equivalent, it"s "I"m ."

Gloss: i/me name jolantaEnglish translation: ns am Jolanta.

Sign this method instead.

Gloss: my surname jolantaEnglish translation: My name is Jolanta.

Notice the different handshape? It"s a own pronoun in this sentence, "MY NAME..." (in this, surname is a noun) vice versa, the various other sentence is "IX-me NAME...".

Often ASL students might use this my NAME version somehow unconsciously. Deaf people typically use the various other version.

Name signs

Deaf civilization or members of hearing deactivated community also have your name indicators that they may encompass their name indicators when they present or are presented to other signers, relying on the contexts.

Some Deaf world consciously present their name signs an initial before your names that show up on your birth certificates. Or, sometimes vice versa the it doesn"t matter.

Fingerspelling a complete name

In some situations such together formal settings, once introducing, one fingerspells a full name.

How does one show a an are between two names, in between Ms/Mr and also a castle or in between two native in basic when fingerspelling? Spell through a slight pause and slight nod between the forename and surname or various other two things. In reality, it"s an extremely subtle the one needs to be perceptible to the rate or intonation.

Gloss: fs-Ms fs-LapiakEnglish translation: Ms. Lapiak.

Learner tip: carry out not fingerspell a an initial name then authorize "LAST NAME" climate fingerspell the surname. One might use this method occasionally in part contexts (E.g. A legal instance for clarification or emphasis). But, it"s no recommended in basic or day-to-day interactions.

Asking what one"s name is

There are several means of to express this sentence in ASL, such as what you name?, you name what?, girlfriend name, you? and a few variants. In all these wh-questions, the burrowed eyebrows and the slightly forwarded head suggest a wh-question mark.

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Gloss: you name what?English translation: What is your name?

Another variant occasionally omitting WHAT: girlfriend NAME, YOU? v burrowed eyebrows in much less formal register.