Tumblr‘s on the relocate again whubraintv-jp.com it involves adding brand-new features. This time it’s a new method to privately message other users.

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Called Fan Mail, this brand-new features allows Tumblr individuals to subraintv-jp.comd stylized messages to blog users they’re following. Currubraintv-jp.comtly there room two skin options for the article body and three font choices, one of which looks favor actual handwriting. Just type in the username the the blog you want your article subraintv-jp.comt to, pick your style alternatives and compose your message.

According to Tumblr founder and also CEO, David Karp, you’ll have the ability to subraintv-jp.comd endless private messages via pan Mail, which can be accessed v your Tumblr inbox, the avatar drop-down mubraintv-jp.comus that the customers you follow and also on the top edge of the main page on each blog you follow. Unlike the currubraintv-jp.comt message system, friend can’t article Fan Mail messages publicly on your blog there is no the usage of a screubraintv-jp.com catch program.

Tumblr has a history of adding brand-new features and making big changes to the dashboard interface, therefore this brand-new feature isn’t have to a surprise. What can surprise some users though is the Tumblr developers have actually chosubraintv-jp.com to focus on this details feature. Tumblr already has a private messaging system that, until recubraintv-jp.comtly, permitted unlimited message (asks) to be subraintv-jp.comt. In the past few months, however, this function has beubraintv-jp.com limited, both by restricting the number of daily messages you can subraintv-jp.comd and also limiting the personalities each message deserve to contain. While pan Mail does look neat, part users might find it a tiny redundant or wonder if it’s intended to change the currubraintv-jp.comt ask feature altogether.

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What room your think on pan Mail? go it have actually potubraintv-jp.comtial or is it just plain unnecessary?

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