In ROBLOX, a gaming and real estate-building virtual world, members through a Turbo or Outrageous Builder"s society (BC) membership can sell online items they created themselves, or resell item they previously purchased indigenous the ROBLOX catalog. However, the catalog resale items are restricted to a choose category and also must it is in original, ROBLOX designs.

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Builder"s club Membership Requirement

Only ROBLOX members that have upgraded come a Turbo or Outrageous BC membership have the right to resell previously purchased items to other members. To become a BC member, log in come your complimentary account top top the ROBLOX homepage and also click top top "Builder"s Club" in the upper toolbar. You might resell your items v either upgraded BC membership. BC memberships begin at $11.95 per month (as that July 2011) and also can it is in purchased in monthly, semi-annual, annual and lifetime plans.

Items You have the right to Sell

BC members may only resell "limited" and "limited unique" item originally created by ROBLOX. Minimal items include any avatar clothes or accessories that were offered for a minimal time and also are no longer easily accessible in the ROBLOX catalog. Minimal unique item are also avatar products that were sold for a restricted time yet are released through a serial number that conveys your manufacture number (such as hat number 2 out of 100). In the catalog, limited items are significant with a eco-friendly banner and the indigenous "limited," while restricted unique items have actually a green and yellow banner and the words "Limited U." you can likewise power search limited and limited unique items in the left-hand catalog directory.

How come Resell one Item

If you are already a BC member and also want come resell a minimal or unique minimal item, click on the article you desire to market to start the sale. Her inventory is situated on her "My ROBLOX" page. When you have actually clicked the item, pick "Sell item" indigenous the menu and type in the sale price (in Robux or tickets). Click "Update" and also "Done" to finish the sale. As soon as the system updates, girlfriend will check out your article (with your name) in the current ROBLOX catalog.


You execute not need to be a BC member come buy a limited or unique limited item, however only BC members may resell them. BC members likewise have the alternative to create their own distinctive avatar items and sell lock for any kind of sale price (in Robux or tickets).

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