If you’re wondering even if it is poking is quiet a thing on Facebook, you’ve pertained to the best place.

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Poking offered to it is in a really popular feature back in the at an early stage days the Facebook.

People would normally use it to nudge your friends or family.

For example, if someone has actually not to be on facebook for a long time, you have the right to poke them.

After poking the user, they’ll obtain a notification by email and also on Facebook.

In this guide, you’ll learn just how to poke someone on Facebook using the mobile app.

You’ll additionally learn what poking is for and whether that is taken into consideration flirting.

What is poking top top Facebook?

Poking is a distinctive feature on on facebook that permits you come send a “poke” notification to someone.

If you haven’t talked to someone in a while, you deserve to poke lock on on facebook as one icebreaker.

Poking on Facebook deserve to be supplied in many different ways.

You deserve to use it come send a greeting to someone.

You can likewise poke who to view whether they’ll poke girlfriend back.

If castle do, you can poke them again, and also the poking can continue earlier and forth.

However, you can only send another poke if the human pokes you earlier first.

If friend don’t desire to receive more than one poke from someone, you deserve to either ignore their poke or block them.

How to poke who on Facebook

To poke who on Facebook, search for “Poke” top top the find function.

Then, navigate come the “Pokes” shortcut and tap ~ above “Poke” to poke someone.

After you’ve poked someone, they will get a notification that you’ve poked them.

The person will acquire the an alert by email and also on their facebook notifications.

The poke feature is quiet existing in the present.

However, that is hidden ~ above Facebook, for this reason you’ll need to search because that the function to find it.

Once you’re ~ above the pokes page, you’ll watch a list of your facebook friends that have poked you.

You’ll also be may be to check out a list of argued pokes.

1. Tap ~ above the find icon


Search for “Poke” > tap ~ above “Pokes” under “Facebook shortcuts”.

After you’ve tapped top top the find icon, the search duty will open.

Below the find bar, you’ll see your recent searches.

On the find bar, search because that “Pokes”.

Then, tap ~ above “search” to find for the punctured function.

Once you’ve tried to find “Pokes”, you’ll view a “Facebook shortcuts” header.

Under the “Facebook shortcuts” header, you’ll see a shortcut called “Pokes”.

The “Pokes” shortcut is the faster way that you desire to it is in using.

Tap ~ above “Pokes” to walk to the poke function.

Move on come the final step to learn how to poke her friends top top Facebook.

3. Tap ~ above “Poke” to poke someone


To punctured someone, search for the friend(s) that you desire to poke and tap ~ above the “Poke” button next to your name.

After you’ve tapped on the “Pokes” function, you’ll land on the pokes page.

On the pokes page, you’ll see a list of girlfriend that have actually poked girlfriend on on facebook under “Pokes”.

You’ll additionally be able to see a perform of her friends under “Suggested Pokes” that you deserve to poke.

Facebook says these friends based on an algorithm.

To poke someone, merely tap ~ above the “Poke” button next to your name.

After you’ve poked them, castle will get a poke an alert by email and also on the on facebook app.

Then, your friend have the right to either pick to disregard the poke or poke you back.

If they decide to poke friend back, you have the right to poke them again.

However, if her friend ignored your poke, you won’t have the ability to poke them because that a 2nd time.

Under the “Pokes” header, you can poke earlier any of her friends the poked you.

You deserve to do for this reason by tapping ~ above the “Poke Back” button.

Similar come the “Poke” button, the “Poke Back” switch will send a notification to her friend that you’ve poked lock back.

You’ve properly learned just how to poke who on Facebook!

Is poking on on facebook flirting?

Poking on facebook does not necessarily typical flirting.

It can be offered as a basic greeting, an icebreaker, or a trusted nudge.

For example, if someone has actually not been on on facebook for a lengthy time, you have the right to poke them to acquire them earlier on the app.

You can additionally poke someone to say hello in a non-intrusive way.

It every comes down to the on purpose behind the poke.


Poking on on facebook has had actually a pretty poor rep throughout the years.

Some civilization find the attribute creepy since they could get poked by others that they are not acquainted with.

Others find the function redundant since it’s just poking every other back and forth.

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Poking can be confusing due to the fact that you could not recognize what the other human being is thinking as soon as they punctured you.