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Learning German unit volume or even just part nouns feeling so solve … choose you’re really gaining somewhere with your growing German skills.

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Studying every the ‘fiddly grammar bits’ — every the tiny words like the, a, some, my, and, but, etc. — that have the right to feel favor a tedious slog.

But that those tiny words the actually acquire used the most! They assist string whatever together.

For example, also as a beginner German speaker, it’s crucial to know possessive adjectives: vital words choose my, your, his, her, its, our, and their.

Think around it: even if it is you’re referring to a pet, a car, a snack, or every little thing … how often do you use simply a share ‘the’ or ‘a’ … and also how regularly do girlfriend talk around who those points belong to?

In this guide, you’ll find out the following:

what room the German own adjectiveshow to usage them (how own adjectives relate come the German situation systema far better term to use (and why that matters)principles for finding out ALL those ‘little words’ in German

Section 1: The BasicsWhat you need to understand to start gaining the hang of own adjectives

Two types of Possessives

The very an initial thing you need to know is the there’s part labeling confusion when it comes to ‘possessive adjectives’ 

Possessive adjectives space words such together my, your, his, her, its, our and their.

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yet sometimes this words are called possessive articles or possessive determiners.

Possessive determiner is a much far better term to use — that a much more accurate summary of how you actually usage these words in German. Said one more way; possessive adjectives =