Holiday take trip is a miracle experience. The food, the decorations, the traditions, the festivities… and Egypt is no exception! You might not think about Egypt at Christmas , ~ all, it is a Muslim-majority country—but you’ll find that Egyptians do indeed acquire into the festive spirit. Plus, a sizeable decimal of the nation (about 10%) are Coptic Christian, belonging come the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

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Here space a few words that advice if you’re plan a visit end the holidays:

Christmas is ~ above January 7

Coptic Christians monitor a various calendar than, say, roman Catholics. For Copts, Christmas drops on the 29th job of the month Koiak, i m sorry parallels the 7th of January in the Gregorian calendar (and the 25th of December in the Julian one). The Coptic calendar is based upon the solar calendar used earlier in old Egypt. In any kind of case, the vital thing come remember is the Christmas in Egypt is commemorated on January 7th, therefore if you desire to witness a “true” Egyptian Christmas, arrangement your travels accordingly!

That said, Christmas festivities are frequently abundant during December as well. Attractions and also hotels geared toward tourists know that most world celebrate Christmas on December 25, and also many setup special events throughout this time too. For this reason if you want a nice, extended Christmas holiday, extending from mid-December well into January, Egypt is the ar to be!

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Nile cruises are great over the holidays

Cruising down the Nile and also exploring old temples is absolutely a unique way to invest the Christmas season. And also don’t worry; that will certainly feel favor Christmas. Nile cruises pleasure their guests through festive meals, music, décor, parties, and also entertainment. The Nile river is likewise the perfect ar to usher in a new year. Toast come the health and wellness of anyone on board and also look forward to creating plenty of wonderful brand-new memories.

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Spend Christmas and new Year’s top top the beach

Ever daydreamed about spending Christmas what on a beach, surrounded by white sands, turquoise waters, and also palm trees? Time come head come Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, El Gouna, or Dahab because that Christmas in paradise. These idyllic coastal locations have some of the world’s ideal snorkeling and SCUBA diving and allow for complete relaxation. For countless of us, the holidays room a precious time to unwind indigenous work and also stress, and also what much better place to execute that 보다 the Red Sea?Hotels in these areas tend to walk all-out for Christmas, stringing increase lights and serving lavish buffets. As soon as you’ve left the beach behind, you’ll return to uncover the holiday soul alive and also well at her hotel.


Learn about Coptic Christmas traditions

In the weeks prior to Christmas, Copts usually abstain from animal products—no milk, eggs, or meat. This kind of fasting is vital spiritual practice, and it makes the ultimate Christmas feast also tastier!Coptic Christians commonly attend a night Mass ~ above Christmas eve (January 6). Among the biggest of these solutions occurs in St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, commemorated by the Coptic Pope. Afterwards, people gather at house to feast on traditional Christmas foods, such as fata, a type of soup. Top top Christmas work itself, they spend time with their families, eating, relaxing, exchanging gifts, and also celebrating. Kahk, sweet sugar-powdered biscuits, space a one-of-a-kind treat.

Christmas is particularly beloved time in Egypt as result of its associations v the holy Family’s trip there shortly after the bear of Jesus. As soon as King Herod made decision to massacre newborn babies, Joseph, Mary, and also Jesus take it refuge in Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23). Countless Egyptians psychic this story fondly, and also it definitely reflects the heat hospitality the Egyptian culture.

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Visit St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula

If girlfriend want understanding into historic Christian traditions, there’s no much better place 보다 St. Catherine’s Monastery, recognized officially together the sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden mount Sinai. That was developed in the 6th century under the orders of oriental emperor Justinian and remains in procedure today.You are welcome to visit as a pilgrim, keeping in mental the respect fan to this old spiritual site. Note likewise that the monastery is closeup of the door on Fridays, Sundays, and also holy feast job (including Christmas and brand-new Year’s), for this reason arrange your travel to coincide v its opened hours.Another to mark of this area is the hike up mount Sinai, held to it is in the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. There room two basic routes because that this hike: the so-called “Steps that Penitence,” i beg your pardon is an apt trail for the introduction season, and also a wider, more leisurely route that deserve to be ascended either on foot or by camel. Atop the hill is a little chapel.



Egypt is residence to among the richest and most varied histories in the world. Together you visit this significant country, you’ll suffer the wonderful cultures and traditions the make it unique. The Christmas and brand-new Year’s vacation season is great time come visit, even if it is you room deeply interested in Coptic society or you merely love Christmas.One final thing to know? “Merry Christmas” in Egyptian Arabic is “Eid Milad Majid.” reap your holiday!