Today I want to cover the word:ist(is) which is a form of „to be“. We normally use it with singular noun or through the personal pronounser,sie,es.

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sein(to be)

ich bin (I am)du bist (you are)erist(he is)sieist(she is)esist(it is)

You deserve to use it as with the English native ‘is’ just include the letter ‘t’ (is=ist).

How to find out with component A that the exercise

have a look at the picture. Read and also listen a couple of times. Repeat after ~ the speaker. Make certain that girlfriend imitate the joint of the speaker. After ~ a few repetitions walk on to part B (farther below).

Tip:Always shot to imagine the situations in her mind; it will aid you to remember the words!


Der Himmel ist blau. The sky is blue.

Die Sonne ist gelb. The sun is yellow.

Der Nordpol ist kalt. The phibìc Pole is cold.

Die Hölle ist heiß. The Hell is hot.

How to discover with part B that the exercise

Question and Answer Part:

Read and listen a few times come the questions and answers. Answer the inquiries in the pauses (you may look also at the answers). After ~ a couple of times don’t look in ~ the answers anymore. Make sure that friend imitate the pronunciation of mine voice. Repeat the lesson till you have the right to answer the concerns easily.

Question and also Answer Part

Question: Was ist blau? What is blue?

Answer: Der Himmel Der Himmel ist blau. The skies is blue.

Question: Ist der Himmel braun? Is the skies brown?

Answer: Nein, der Himmel ist nicht braun. No, the skies is no brown. Der Himmel ist blau. The sky is blue.

Question: to be ist gelb? What is yellow?

Answer: dice Sonne die Sonne ist gelb. The sun is yellow.

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Question: Ist der Nordpol heiß oder kalt? Is the phibìc Pole warm or cold?

Answer: kalt Der Nordpol ist kalt. Der Nordpol ist sehr kalt. The phibìc Pole is really cold.

Question: Und ist die Hölle kalt oder heiß? And is the Hell cold or hot?

Answer: heiß dice Hölle ist heiß. die Hölle ist sehr heiß. The Hell is really hot.

Don"t stop currently - repeat this part again!

Repeat this lesson till you can quickly answer the questions.

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